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Visionary Participants, working in collaboration with like-minded professionals from all walks of life developed a business success system that performs like clockwork when the principles are consistently applied. Based on the insightful, effective stability of the '3-legged stool' approach to business management, this 'disciplined recipe' focuses on treating the prospective business as the simple summation of three (3) fundamental components (product, process, people). When combined with a standard SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats), it can provide a very accurate 'snapshot' of the business in general and its overall potential. When correctly understood and closely followed, this intuitive business playbook provides the necessary reality checks regarding the viability of the business that can release its true potential, which makes running operations inherently successful. For any venture to succeed, it is critical that all problems that arise before us be treated as simple puzzles to be understood, virtuous behavior to be championed, and essential civic responsibilities, obligations, and allowances) Impactful leadership recognizes that they must identify, balance, and prioritize the needs of these three critical root perspectives:


  1. PRODUCT: The marketability success of any product or service is directly relative to the depth of passion invested by the founders to sincerely better people's lives through the use of their products (or benefits). Incidentally, the originating event does not matter except someone came up with a good product (or service) that everyone wants, and now somebody has got to step up to make it happen. Time to be creative!
  2. PROCESS: The profitable viability of the overall venture is driven by innovativeness, production efficiency, and realized industry differentiation. In the start-up phase, the innovation and efficiency of the proprietary production process hold absolute sway, for no production process has any reason to be implemented until someone sells something for a profit! Take specific note: the use of the term 'Profit' rises beyond fiscal bookkeeping accounting. It refers to anything of added value that, when created, can exponentially transcend the mere sum of its parts.



Partners-in-Success is an innovative multifaceted 'virtual community' founded by serial entrepreneurs as a foundational platform from which they can angel-invest their own money, time, and experience into worthwhile business, (both startups and rescues) of culturally beneficial business opportunities. Their sincere intent is to empower these stewardship teams to effectively turn their companies around and grow their profit performance (scalability) wherever possible while discovering areas to reduce overhead and operational costs. To facilitate this, the PSA Team has developed a business success system that performs like clockwork when the principles are consistently applied. PSA is so confident in this system that they are building an entrepreneurial empire that will grow to outperform corporate conglomerates.


22.3) STRATEGIC SUCCESS: Hard Wired:

What If discovering Authentically Abundant Joyfulness was attainable every day: There are moments in life that become true pivot points of one’s faith. Each and every day we have the opportunity to further sharpen our focus on living a distinctly purposeful existence, thus receiving a deeper sense of God’s Plan for our lives. As we study our intended function in this world, we will become truly filled with awe and wonder at the magnificent beauty of his plan and its expression of omnipotent perfection. The systematic precision, the balanced synchronized symmetry, the completeness, and the attention to detail! The same exact core premise applies to our ability to bond to our mate, build relationships with others, pursue commerce, and so on. While the more complex hardwiring the more deeply embedded into each of us it must be for us to be able to understand and accept complexity, including our ability to understand and anticipate the ramifications.



Each applicant goes through a detailed personal background check that includes an exploratory review of their core personality designed to identify personal strengths and weaknesses that help us gauge their expected placement and overall adaptability. In addition, each candidate’s product line (and services offered) undergoes a standardized assessment process, in which the entity’s investment potential (risk vs. reward) is vetted. This discovery process includes a full examination of what the business is in business to do, focusing intently on each entity’s current product line (and) services offered. Key to the analysis is the demonstrative scrutiny used to assess product quality, product differentiation, and market potential. concludes with an initial placement somewhere within three classifications:


  1. Mainstream Businesses that produce basic products (and services) that meet their consumers’ needs, and sell at price points that match the buyers’ willingness to pay, this business class operates with the objective to deliver reasonable quality in mass volume at low margins relative to a target price. Consequently, these enterprises view sustainability as an involuntary function of sales volume and therefore approach marketing as a rudimentary line-item expenditure to be minimized when possible.
  2. Progressive Businesses that deliver high-quality products (and services) with upscale pricing and better retail margins than their competition. These are practical companies, driven by the belief that anything worth doing is worth doing well; viewing conventional products as merely the foundational starting point for something that they can produce better or more efficiently. While their marketing efforts will range everywhere from adequate to robust, they tend to slip into repetitive messaging that only focuses on how they are a step above the competition, which can inadvertently pigeonhole their outlook and lead to complacency. It is not uncommon for these operators to pessimistically view sustainability as synonymous with operational survivability (i.e., a zero-sum balancing act) of competing for margin-vs-volume decisions, where the only basic options are to sacrifice quality, reduce margins, and gut sales incentives)
  3. Innovative Businesses that create entirely new, often unique, and highly specialized products (and services) designed to provide leading-edge solutions to marketplace needs and wants. Here are the businesses that drive their respective industry’s expansion, adaptation, and forward transformation. These visionaries capitalize on their well-honed experience, key-vantage-point insight, and hard-earned strategic-risk perspective, to identify emerging voids, production holes, and creative niche opportunities. Marketing is their lifeblood, squarely centered on the defining advantages that they have to offer, they craft messaging that frames the consumer’s needs/wants within a satisfaction-confident narrative built strategically on shared common interest. These are businesses that view sustainability as merely the fallback position from which you re-group to charge forward again. Companies that compete in this arena (by construct) require healthy operating margins and dynamic monthly sales metrics that track progress on a mile-marker, goal-completion basis.


22.4) DIVINE GUIDANCE: Meaningfulness:

Discovering Truth Is God’s Plan! Every one of us needs to willingly join His Divine Paradigm! In exchange for everything that he had given humans, he asked them to honor one obligation, to not eat of the fruit from the tree that held the knowledge of good and evil. This is when God allowed man to first be tempted, and man first discovered that he had a free will choice in the matter. Up until now, God was the loving father and man was the dutiful, compliant son, obedient to every instruction from the father out of ignorance of his ability to choose.


22.5) DIVINE GUIDANCE: Divine Purposeful Intent:

While God had created and set into perpetual motion the universe, the solar system, the planet Earth, earth’s biosphere, all living things, human life, and had given man dominion over all, it was all on instinctive auto-pilot. He knew, that for mankind to evolve in to their fullest capacity, they had to develop self-will and determination. So, God gave man the desire to want to seek him and want to become like him, God knew he had to let go of the control, and God had to allow them to learn to live their lives on their own, and learn to be responsible for their own. God’s goal for mankind is simply this: Earth and the entire universe will continue to follow the DNA-encoded patterns that God himself created and had set into motion; it will function per design as a self-correcting, slowly evolving biosphere. God has placed mankind directly into this system not because he did not love mankind, but just the opposite. God wants humans to grow into maturity as his love calls to them to come home to him, of their own free will.


22.6) DIVINE GUIDANCE: Identifying the Prize:

How do we find just the right word to describe the feeling of PURITY? We will recognize it in the depths of our souls the moment we call out the proper name. Without it, nothing has meaning! With it, everything has meaning! It surrounds us with warmth and satisfaction! It fills us with inner comfort that can only come with the absolute pureness of being! It resonates out infinite gloriousness of tone, providing the ultimate KEY-NOTE that everything in the universe tunes itself to seeking di-vine harmonic resonance in the purest form. It is the source of all energy and power, things beautiful and glorious, it is the clarion call of the MASTER Him-self! Heralding his presence, setting us right, and calling us to his readiness! Once experienced, it inexhaustibly draws us back to him like a homing beacon to the lost. We crave the journey to it as much as we cherish the contentment from it.


22.7) DIVINE GUIDANCE: Harmonic Resonance:

We are not describing mere pleasure, happiness, or merriment, no! While each of these are critical ingredient flavors of the one KEY-NOTE, on their own they lack the substance and staying power, too quick and fleeting he knows that we need to add texture, contrast, and depth to our description. The conductor takes every opportunity to blend these notes into our lives, judiciously reserved for both a melody line as well as the drivenness of a solid baseline, and everything in between.

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