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17.1) BUSINESS: ACCREDITATION: Entrepreneurs Mentoring each other. For any venture to succeed, it is critical that all problems that arise before us be treated as simple puzzles to be understood, virtuous behavior to be championed, and essential civic responsibilities, obligations, and allowances. Program participants, working in collaboration with like-minded professionals from all walks of life developed a business success system that performs like clockwork when the principles are consistently applied. When combined with a standard SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats), it can provide a 'snapshot' of the business operation in general and its overall potential.


17.2) BUSINESS: Activity Discernment:  When correctly understood and closely followed, this intuitive business playbook provides the necessary reality checks regarding the viability of the business that can release its true potential, which makes operations inherently successful. The profitable viability of the overall venture is driven by innovativeness, production efficiency, and realized industry differentiation. In the start-up phase, the innovation and efficieny of the proprietary production process hold absolute sway, for no production process has any reason to be implemented until someone sells something for a profit. Take specific note: the use of the term 'Profit' rises beyond fiscal bookkeeping accounting. It refers to anything of added value that, when created, can exponentially transcend the mere sum of its parts. Bonus: Now, we are at the critical pivot point of life. Physical work creates the satisfaction of natural endorphin therapy.


​17.3) BUSINESS: Culture of Innovation: This self-paced mentoring program develops participants' ability to create their own stewardship-orientated ‘virtual community’. Within this unique learning platform, we can be mentoring by example by demonstrating our acceptance of these cause-and-effect relationships that empower us (as their mentors) to enjoy guiding their personal maturing.​ Our job is to complete our commitments by steadfastly following through on the task at hand and learning to finish well and gracefully. We need to sustain committed repetitive actions that serve to embed willing new habits within us. This simple habitual action serves to fuel our Lifeplan™ as we discover Authentically Abundant Joyfulness every day.​​ 

17.4) BUSINESS CHALLENGES:  Facing Challenging Endeavors: Specifically, ones that strengthen each of us to grow in focused character, also enable our eyes to open wider as we increasingly recognize the diverse opportunities that surround us! Become the role model that everyone looks to for freedom-loving hope and courage! We need to also recognize the short-sighted nature of the unsubstantiated answers that our society believes can solve complex problems and predict competitive outcomes.


17.5) BUSINESS INSPIRATION:  The entire world needs identifiable, inspirational social symbols that represent the innate advantages of living a grace-filled life that seeks to call out the best of all things that are kind, decent, and virtuous in our daily walk of life. By providing the environmental confidence, egregious risk management, and rule-of-law enforceable security of a hope-filled sovereign safe haven, this visionary culture seeks to service the utilitarian needs of its members while facilitating their collective strength of an entity-independent profit-driven and sustainably managed capitalistic economy.


17.6) BUSINESS: PERSPECTIVE: This process is very effective when we work together as an interconnected community; Every generation is called to restore the original intent of our culture, which is to document what we humans can (and should) do with our lives and what we wisely can’t (and should not) do. When we strive to grow in our faith, our lives become much more straightforward and gracefully edifying. Then when we focus on developing our individualized scoring’ our mental strength and courage ‘returns on effort’ become paramount to both our survival and our victory!  

17.7) BUSINESS: Professional Growth Opportunity: Applicants go through a detailed personal background check that includes an exploratory review of their core personality designed to identify personal strengths and weaknesses that help us gauge their expected placement and overall adaptability. In addition, each candidate’s product line (and services offered) undergoes a standardized assessment process, in which the entity's investment potential (risk vs. reward) is vetted. This discovery process includes a full examination of exactly what the business is in business to do. Now we can focus intently on developing our personal liberty and affirming our sovereign rights.

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