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3.2) PRINCIPLED: Talents and Skills: Everyone benefits through developing the most efficient way to capitalize on their skills and talents; especially when perseverance in overcoming life’s inherent challenges can generate. In other words, it is the actual process of creating these self-measurement skills that provide the required repetitious experience needed for individuals to evolve into intuitively aware, critical-thinking adults. Granted, each of us still needs to learn how to properly accommodate the customary perspective differences that naturally occur and require a variety of specialized training to enable each individual their satisfaction. In this manner, when we pull together as a like-minded team in the pursuit of committed communal goals, we sustainably maintained the common function of ordinary individuals acting on their own sovereign free will; we are called to ‘perform in compliance with our enduring 'Pursuit of Happiness’ lifestyle (daily routines). We now must release any restraints we have on our spirit preventing us from willingly and wholeheartedly pursuing these mortal goals. With that caveat accomplished, we can acknowledge our core-felt need to bless the people who contribute to our daily walk, as we discover our reliable sources for sharing daily joyfulness (aka Living by Example). Everything we do and everywhere we go there are opportunities dressed as learning events; discover Authentically Abundant Joyfulness, every day!


3.3) PRINCIPLED Lifestyle: Here we have a simple-living, virtuously hard-work-orientated societal tradition that motivates its participants to work together developing self-reliant empowered individualism. Now, while we may in good faith recognize the deterioration of the world around us, simply acknowledging our need to confront the consequences of our society’s misguided priorities is increasingly becoming an unviable mute option, it’s just too little, far too late. Unfortunately, the public in general just tends to be routinely overwhelmed by the daily realities of what they witness within our current cultural drift. Sadly, it just seems that far too many good people have chosen instead to selfishly 'stick their head in the sand' as their only response. This tyranny of silent apathy has been chipping away at the roots of our culture as we struggle with the numbing effect of egregious complacency. through our endeavors until we faithfully embody the full confident spirit of principled determination through and through. We all need to appreciate the basics of living in a free country filled with generational wealth and respect for tradition, for only then can we recognize the true value of our investment in each other's potential.  


3.4) PRINCIPLED Values: Every successive generation over time has been called forth to record, restore and maintain the original intentions of their gradually evolving traditions and ongoing daily lifestyle. This fundamentally boils down to helping each other remember an ever-growing oral history of what humans can (and should) do with our lives and what humans wisely can’t (and should not) do accordingly. Therefore, when we seek to grow our effectiveness, our lives begin to overflow with blessings of insightful benefits from contributors! 


3.5) PRINCIPLED Experience: For each participant to establish their own ‘mental-mastery' status of any kind or rank, they must first organize their life according to the universal (anything that can be measured can be managed) baseline learning curve index. Fortunately, this proficiency system requires several different types of specialized one-on-one mentoring that only come from sharing hands-on experiences. Throughout this entire learning exercise, we must remember that the end goal is to unify us together as individuals with a common cultural foundation; one where the consistent objective is to bring out the best options that make interpersonal stewardship more effective

3.6) PRINCIPLED Participation: For any venture to succeed, it is critical that everyone involved agrees that we treat the typical problems that arise before us as simple puzzles to be understood, or basic virtuous behavior to be championed as essential civic responsibilities, obligations, and allowances. ​​We need to wholly buy into (accept) the reasoned nature of choosing to live a stewardship-orientated, self-disciplined lifestyle; one where we can emotionally link our outlook-interaction with the greater virtual community of believers! Therefore, along with accepting full responsibility to guard and maintain the levelness of the standard playing field as we set the example involving funding the basic infrastructure upon which our overall economy operates Unfortunately, the answer reflects our reality that, as goes the rise of the me-generation and its selfie-culture minions, so goes the future of our historically revered, ruggedly self-reliant culture as we have known it. Different inherent talents and skills, just require different training! Always remember that any person convinced against their will is of the same opinion still! Discover Authentically Abundant Joyfulness!


3.7) PRINCIPLED CONFIDENCE: REVIVAL: It is high-time to Awaken the Great Sleeping Bear! Within our traditional economic system, there is a highly committed, but very frustrated segment of hard-working unobtrusive individuals from every walk of life. These are people who are simply tired of living in a pointless world, especially one seemingly filled with soul-numbing hopelessness.  Thereby it is not surprising that far too many of our people have become overly complacent and greedy somewhere along the way. Steadfast observation skills, combined with systematic knowledge retention, serve as the critical foundational basis of all individual wisdom and personal discernment. In the same manner, we also need to recognize and determine the correct way to achieve our mature mental mastery. This self-improvement process is intended to provide a multifaceted education approach as we each have different inherent talents and learned skills, all of which require training nuances to fully master. In addition, while self-improvement requires measurement tools that accurately identify growth factors, self-mastery enables sovereign freedom through virtuous critical thinking and discernment. Our daily objective is to join with the current, the wind, and the waves as we ride the momentum rush of confident optimism.





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