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EVANGELICAL: Authentically Abundant Joyfulness: is a renewable, hope-inspired natural resource that empowers all of us to thoughtfully overcome our earthly struggles. Instinctively, we have all recognized that everyone lives a better life within a mutually benevolent society, especially when its sustainably maintained as a common function of ordinary individuals acting of their own free sovereign will. When given a choice, freedom-minded people accept their shared responsibilities and thrive on an enhanced sense of shared duty as they accept their inherent cultural premise.  EVANGELICAL: Lead, Follow, or Get Out Of The Way. This reality check is so simple that it goes right past most of us as we typically just dismiss it as a byproduct of lesser importance. Every day, a new crisis tries to seduce us, through procrastination and laziness, to sit and wait needlessly for someone else to be the first to do something significant that can reverse this seemingly inevitable trend of cultural decline. The bottom-line answer reflects our reality that, as goes the rise of the me-generation and its selfie-culture minions, so goes the future of our historically-revered, self-reliant culture as we have known it. Therefore by default, we behold the inevitable destructive decay caused by unaware and thus unfulfilled, selfish-minded, perpetual adolescents with far too much time on their hands. EVANGELICAL: The Shining House on a Hill:  Upon the horizon stands an enduring beacon of hopefulness, forever standing vigilant and steadfast ready to defend our God-given freedoms against all forms of tyranny. Now is the time for us to champion this venerable symbol of hopefulness so that people from the world over can look up to for inspired freedom-loving courage and inspiring willingness. The entire world needs strong, identifiable social symbols that represent the innate advantages of living a grace-filled lifestyle that seeks to call out the best of all things kind, decent, and virtuous in our daily walk. This teamwork vision seeks to equally serve everyone's basic needs by providing the fundamental 'hope-filled' mental safe haven that provides the cultural security that enables the national economy to be audaciously driven by independent market-forces driven. As we eagerly await opportunities for stewardship, we can anchor our efforts to hopefulness, and prepare to wisely stand our ground. EVANGELICAL: The Great Sleeping-Bear Nation: Our collective strength and determined courage are urgently needed as the hour is now upon us to defend our constitutionally-inshrined freedoms, by awakening our great sleeping-bear nation from long errant slumber. Instinctively we all know that "the only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good people to stand by and do nothing", therefore, we must consistently train our daily habits accordingly! In addition, we must consistently remind each other that every single experience that we encounter creates knowledge-based insightfulness, which in turn allows our actions to be wisely guided and accordingly productive. This transformational process creates optimistically infused momentum, which in turn strengthens the confident impact brought forth in defense of our inalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness!   EVANGELICAL: Stewardship Candidates are typically open-minded, determined individuals who are willing to take any necessary effective action accordingly, provided that someone trustworthy will point them in the right direction. Primarily, they want to live their lives governed by straightforward principles that embody simple, concise, and insightful common sense answers, ones that resolutely reflect the sovereign liberty that all good people prefer, desire, and willingly pursue. What they each want is right before their eyes; they just need to know what to determinedly look for and how to effectively follow through on what they find. This fundamental mentoring process commonly develops each person instinctively; which over time results in more of a subconscious acceptance of ingrained cultural expectations made from everyday habits and social norms, as opposed to a semi-cognitive social reaction, made arbitrarily after first impressions of their new surroundings. Essentially, any thoughtful, willing-to-learn individuals; specifically the ones that recognize their own skills and talents, which can be custom-tailored into a satisfying lifestyle, EVANGELICAL: Engage their own creative challenges, thereby routinely rejuvenating productive enthusiasm, as they create their own growth platform that facilitates measurement of progress (or decline). Action-Packed: This program provides an individually structured, self-mastery stewardship platform from which each person can learn to Virtually-Mentor™ one another in the nature and nuance of living in this world.  Never forget that the word FAITH is meant to be a verb (action word); when in doubt, move forward and boldly take action! When we are optimistically teamed together and clearly focused on genuine written-down goals, ones that benefit both ourselves and others, then the multiplicative nature of Divine Faith releases our spirit to Discover Authentically Abundant Joyfulness, every day!  Move Forward!  ​ BOTTOM-LINE: The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy! - Martin Luther King J

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