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Happiness is a deliberate choice

that we must freely make every day! 


Join us as we seek to overhaul the inherent nature of our ever-evolving modern culture by effectivly engaging the vast disparity in comprehensive nation's citizens the transparent intention to champion the comprehensive Tri-Fusion of Discerning Vision, Faithful Traditions, and Willing Action!

Mission Statement:  To reveal, restore, and transcend the inherent expectations of standard capitalistic culture by educating, equipping, and empowering individuals with authentic, personal narratives that advocate graceful discernment, bold mental mastery, and wise sustainable stewardship culture.


Here is the: Motivation, Momentum, and Maturity are people skills that naturally develop throughout each individual's entire lifetime; the qualities and usefulness of these attributes are only limited by our own willingness to engage in diverse learning experiences, specifically the kind that challenges them to grow their unique perception of themselves. Those who possess natural curiosity, inherent talent, and thoughtful willingness, must accept a personal-growth-based education point in their life; specifically, the ones that suppress life's natural optimistic exuberance cloud the luscious mind. Nobody can expect to joyously succeed in life if they can’t optimistically dream of a better, brighter tomorrow. This is specifically true when their core expectations (routine daily outlook and cultural lifestyle) are essentially consumed by the necessities of maintaining one’s basic survival. Fundamental social self-awareness (living in the present) combined with an insightful mental narrative has evolved over many generations into the primary cultural cornerstones of empathetic truth. Thereby, we can establish the effective benefits of self-mastery in all forms of fundamental discernment.  


Brave leadership is urgently needed! Now more than ever, we must focus our energy on isolating the pressure points that enable us to awaken a healthy virtuous society from one fraught with seemingly endless complicit apathy. Join us to revive our great sleeping bear of a nation from its long errant slumber and restore our culture to one that stands tall as the venerable 'Shining City on the Hill'. Restoring each person’s sense of individualism and self-worth to their own eyes first is of paramount concern!  Together we will awaken stronger in an ever-evolving, interdependent world where we serve as the standard-bearer of an unabashed joyous lifestyle that confidently advocates Discovering Authentically, Abundant, and Joyfulness, every day.

1.0) AUTHENTIC-MINDSET:  Everyone is a leader to someone some time!  We all need to realize, understand and accept, that humans (as a species) instinctively need, as much as they want, to receive personal recognition on a regular basis in order to feel alive, valued, and worthwhile. Depending on their life experiences, this basic primordial need creates and drives each person's instinctive reactionary expectations and thereby establishes their current emotional baseline. This essential human instinct harnesses our primal human need to be recognized, and transform it into a reliably dependable source of motivation and overall 'life-progress" accountability. For when we boldly combine these base-principles with the integral strength of convection-driven motivation derived from boldly combined with optimistic, efficient expertise and our willing effort, the resulting productivity simply overflows our traditional attitudes situational expectations, flooding the surrounding community with the restorative power of intentional belief.

1.1) AUTHENTIC-MINDSET: This Handbook guides us through an in-depth, personal responsibility thought process regarding how to help develop mature stewardship from which we view this world around us and then ultimately unify us together as a like-minded group. One where the ultimate objective is to bring to the surface the best options that will make something or some-process more effective or more efficient and thereby benefit both the combination of pieces and the broader structure (person) as a whole. This transformational process creates optimistically infused momentum which naturally supports our stewardship-orientated, divinely-energizing, inalienable fundamental rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  Everything we do and everywhere we go we find discernment opportunities dressed up as learning events, where we can creativity discover Authentically, Abundant, Joyfulness, every day


1.2) AUTHENTIC-MINDSET: Sustainable-Stewardship-Solidatory: When we willingly buy into (agree-and-accept) the nature of living a disciplined lifestyle, we become naturally infused with hope-filled self-confidence. Fundamentally we experience an intellectual gleaning process (inside and out) that morally strengthens us through discerning and de-cluttering our minds from dead-weight pessimistic thinking. These foundational ideas enable us to share time-tested common values and communicate effectively. Here are the four primary questions that empower each person to seek out and explore different life paths and find their skills, talents, and general identity. Ask yourself these questions:

  1. WHAT exactly is our internal self-narrative?

  2. WHEN do we become what we think about?

  3. WHERE should we focus our daily productivity on?

  4. WHY does a life vision take daily belief and effort?​​   


These four foundational traits of self-development define our daily actions, for when willingly combined with rock-solid integrity it systematically creates the critical foundational basis of all personal wisdom and accomplishment. This is especially relevant when our success is forged from the emotional heat and pressure that only our determined perseverance to overcome life’s random challenges can generate. In other words, it is the actual process of developing our self-reliance skills that provide the comprehensive, firsthand knowledge and repetitious experience we need to evolve instinctively™.

1.3) AUTHENTIC-MINDSET: Steward-leaders understand the need for role-modeling mentors that will wholeheartedly accept their obligation to demonstrate personal responsibility and accountability. They understand that without individual responsibility, social collapse becomes inevitable as nations, communities, and family structures unravel at their very core. Thankfully, personal responsibility is infectious, as humans are innately hard-wired to seek out the challenges of our lives, as well as psychologically driven to strive for better.  This fundamental level of determination to improve our circumstances hums instinctively in our deepest thoughts, much like a furnace pilot light, we can suppress it or try to ignore it but is still there.  Functioning at the involuntary level of our psyche, this primordial desire has dominated the perspectives and perceptions of every individual from every generation throughout the millenniums.  There is no neutral ground regarding this human compulsion, as cultures continually regenerate the philosophies of their preceding populaces in the never-ending pursuit of everlasting nirvana, convinced that the resulting satisfaction will infinitely fill their souls.

1.4) AUTHENTIC-MINDSET:  Context-Context-Context! Obviously, we are describing these issues in the broadest sense of the terms in an effort to establish a philosophical premise to this discussion.  The question on the table is simply this, does imposed “greater good” accomplishments by our societies as a whole, filter down to satisfying, long-lasting fulfillment on the individual level?  Does relegating the individual to playing a societal version of “follow the leader” constitute living a full and productive life?  In other words, can a civilization based on compelling its citizens to "fall in line" to the “greater good,” be able to produce a vibrant, healthy society? If we achieved such a societal utopia, from where would the individual derive their internal drive to overcome obstacles, their inspiration to innovate solutions to challenges old and new, and their compassion for all fellow beings to realize true freedom. 

1.5) AUTHENTIC-MINDSET:  Freedom FROM Responsibility:  So, it is sadly unfortunate that somewhere along the way, far too many people became complacent with this world as it is, and tried to force us to radically evolve into a freedom-from responsibility-dominated society. They seem to prefer to believe that their current level of understanding is satisfactory, as they proceed to convince their inner-selves that learning something new is generally just a lot of extra work. Herein lies the rub, far too many people are wishing for a way to get life’s bounty bestowed upon them, instead of asking for practical tools to go to work. Yet, when they are confronted by alternative opinions that contradict their own, or even well-documented experiences which may be in contrast to their comfort zone, they naturally default into mindless, knee-jerk reactionary mode and just reject it, having already decided to feel threatened and defensive.  They know just enough to be dangerous, and they can’t be wrong! Still, they are unable to see the truth as it stands before them.

Freedom THROUGH Responsibility! When we apply the personal responsibility aspect to the utopian concept and build our societies from the ground up, a radically different paradigm emerges.  This governance for and by the people acknowledges that it is possible to create an orderly, organized society that allows and expects each individual to develop to their full potential, a society that effectively functions collectively while providing the latitude for each person to achieve life, liberty, and the pursuit of their own happiness.  In this context, communal needs of social infrastructure are within the context of necessary utilities designed to provide a steady platform from which individual aspirations can launch.  In other words, the bottom-up societal structure views the potential of the human-spirit as the first and foremost responsibility that each individual must embrace, followed by willing participation in the civilized dance of cooperative existence. Move Forward!

1.6) AUTHENTIC-MINDSET: Engrained Sovereign Maturity™ identifies the fundamental, species-wide human-nature associated common traits and behavioral aspects that intentionally boil down and condense into alignment with our committed faithful Belief in a Higher Spiritual Purpose.  For instance, if you knew that you had the complete, sovereign freedom over your life to choose anything that you could think to want, what would it be? This doesn't need to be a complicated or hard question to answer. Anything and everything is on the table to choose from, the only requirement is that you are willingly prepared and committed to accept the follow-through work involved in exercising good stewardship care of what you own. We are not talking about mere lip-service compensation for an uninspired existence, rather this is the proven mindset we need to grow into the fullness of our God-given potential. Bottom-Line: Authenticity requires personal vulnerability. Less Perfection!  More Transparency & Integrity! Be Yourself. Be Real Be Genuine. Humility creates emotionally infused momentum that overflows with the restorative power of pure faith-based belief, and creative, productive work. Herein, we find true fulfillment, as we strive to live generous lives in concert with communities of faithful believers in the pursuit of Authentically, Abundant Joyfulness, every day! Remember, "This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it!" Psalms 118.24! 

HAPPINESS IS AN ENVISIONED DAILY LIFESTYLE. Nobody can expect to joyously succeed in life if they can’t optimistically dream of a better, brighter tomorrow. This is specifically true when their core expectations (routine daily outlook and cultural lifestyle) are essentially consumed by the necessities of maintaining one’s basic survival. Fundamental social self-awareness (living in the present) combined with an insightful mental monologue have evolved over many generations into the primary cultural cornerstones of empathetic truth. Thereby, we can establish the effective benefits of self-mastery in all forms of fundamental discernment.


WHAT IS THE INSPIRATION? Look upon the horizon, for there stands a ‘Shining House on a Hill’ as an enduring haven of hopefulness, forever steadfastly vigilant, ready to defend our God-given freedoms against all forms of tyranny. Herein our core goals need to set expectations that represent the advantages of living an abundant lifestyle, especially one that seeks to call out the best of all things that are kind, decent, and virtuous. Herein, by starting every day with a willingly committed, determined outlook, each of us eventually learns to intentionally trigger a focused productive mindset. Thereafter, we are expected to work hard with cheerful perseverance to finish each day productive and satisfied as we joyously share our sense of beneficial accomplishment with everyone we meet.


WHAT IS THE TEAMWORK VISION? Everyone lives a better life within a mutually benevolent society; especially when it is maintained as a common function of ordinary individuals acting on their own free sovereign will. Every day presents fresh opportunities to make new decisions and take new actions. We must continuously remind each other that we all benefits from working as a team to develop the needed knowledge base of hard-earned cultural insightfulness. This is the power of focused belief that fuels our impact on the world as it seeks to understand and serve each community’s basic needs for an interconnected optimistic home base.

WHAT IS THE COMMUNICATION TOOLBOX? Words mean things. When we combine specific words together, we can effectively express needs and wants. Furthermore. when we combine the right words together in the correct order, with their effective emphasis properly aligned we effectively share our deepest feeling .as we meaningfully communicate our shared visionary ideals.


WHAT IS THE MEANINGFUL ADVANTAGE?  Momentum, and Maturity are people skills that naturally developed throughout each individual's entire lifetime and are only limited by their own willingness to engage in diverse learning experiences, specifically the kind that challenges them to grow their unique perception of themselves. Those who possess natural curiosity, inherent talent, and thoughtful willingness, must accept a personal-growth-based education point in their life; specifically, the ones that suppress life's natural optimistic exuberance cloud the luscious mind.

1) EXPERIENCE CREATES INSIGHT: Life is an ongoing, never-ending process of self-creation. Each and every single day is a fresh opportunity to make new decisions and take new actions. We must consistently remind each other that every single experience that we encounter creates a growing depository of knowledge-based insightfulness (if we choose to look deeply enough for it). This transformational process generates optimistically infused momentum, which in turn strengthens the confident impact we can extend to the world around us. Individual Meaningfulness drives everything forward, especially when brought forth in favor of our inalienable, God-given rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness! In all things, we pull together and think TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More!)


Nobody Can Succeed In Life when their entire cultural outlook is tied up and focused on basic daily survival! Every one of us is routinely surrounded by perpetually 'lost people" who desperately need, as much as want a more meaningful life. Bear in mind, we are not simply referencing the hoards of destitute homeless people that roam our city streets in search of a safe space to sleep, they obviously need community help on many levels, including this one. Rather, just as important are the seemingly invisible overworked people from every walk of life who are simply tired of living in a pointless world, especially one seemingly filled with soul-numbing hopelessness. That said, if we want a more robust economy, one with fewer people in poverty, prison, and pain, then we must ride herd on our current local, regional, state, and national leaders, insisting on clear transparency in all governance issues. No matter what you do, who you are, or why you choose your path, at the end of the day, when you accept the mediamoricy of working a JOB (Just Over Broke) that dosen't challenge you to grow and develop your character, there never seems to be enough time, energy, or money left over to do it all! Instinctively, we have all recognized that everyone lives a better life within a mutually benevolent society, especially when its sustainably maintained as a common function of ordinary individuals acting of their own free sovereign will. When given a choice, freedom-minded people thrive on an enhanced sense of shared responsibilities and inherent cultural premise. Never take for granted the value of our enshrined inalienable rights that constitute our Liberty of Thought and Actions.

What's the Secret of our Culture? As beneficiaries of the most prosperous, freedom-loving nation in global history, we are dutifully bound to maintain an inherent cultural responsibility, one which we are expected to uphold in sacred trust for future generations. This sovereign obligation is very straightforward, it simply expects each successive generation to approach their specific life challenges as participants in an interactive mentoring process where we each grow and develop who we are as a person. Fundamental to all manner of inherent human behavior is the keystone realization that we all need (as much as routinely want) sincere personal recognition in order to feel genuinely alive, valued, and worthwhile. Over time and experience, this primordial need drives the instinctive formation of each person's instinctive emotional baseline, thereby creating the natural harness point with which to transform mere wishful desires into dependable sources of mature motivation and overall 'life-progress" accountability. Throughout this systematic learning experience, each participant is expected to 'Learn How To Learn,' as well as how to pass forward their cumulative understanding to the community as a whole. This is a highly disciplined, systematic process that requires them to accept their responsibility to accurately discern the true nature of obstacles they encounter. In return for this mentoring guidance, each participant is instructed on how to effectively overcome and complete their specific challenges. Come join the movement: Discovering Authentically Abundant Joyfulness, every day!

Empowered Individualism: Maintaining meaningfulness requires continually finding new mountains to climb! To defend our sovereign freedom, we must begin by recognizing our generational wealth and rich historical traditions. Living a full life involves developing the self-accountability that empowers all of us to enjoy a more productive, purposeful, and spiritually mature life. Every one of us needs to stay true to our best character, stretch out our wings, and learn to fly. When we commit to pushing our physical and emotional limits, we incrementally reshape our tired reality into a new dynamic outlook; The more willing we are to do the work, the less pressure life has to use on us to make the same results. ​Only when we understand the true cost of protecting our inalienable rights and sovereign freedom can we recognize the true value of our investment in each other. These inalienable values provide the solid foundation needed to anchor our belief in

  1. The Freedom of determined optimism,

  2. The Decisiveness of humble discernment, and  

  3. The insightful confidence that comes with thoughtful maturity.


Creating an Attitude of Gratitude: Understandably, when we focus on mastering these proven productive principles to systematically grow in our faith, our lives invariably become much more deeply straightforward and gracefully edifying.  Self-improvement requires measurement tools that identify growth and progress upon which we can accurately track activity and determine corrections needed to accommodate objectives. Each of us on the face of this earth has things to do every day, whether we feel like doing them or not. In order to grow and develop our full potential, we must first master and embody the confident spirit of principled determination to accomplish our goals. This trial-and-error-driven, personal-growth-based self-education process guides the participants through identifying the pessimistic pivot points in their own lives, specifically those that suppress life's natural optimistic exuberance by clouding the luscious mind. Nobody is even remotely the same caliber of a person now as they will be after developing their own instinctively protective, creatively resourceful, critical-thinking individual self-confidence. Join us as we restore this multifaceted, highly-beneficial culture to its proper position of respect in our lives and others, for In this manner, we all need to steadfastly function as humanity's 'knowledge bank," documenting what we humans believe we can do and what we can't do with our lives, and then freely sharing that knowledge with others. This proven program has evolved over generations into an individually structured, self-mastery stewardship platform from which everyone can learn to Virtually-Mentor™ one another in the nature and nuance of living in this world. The program's overall objective is to thoroughly explore each and every life experience while continuously developing a solid mentoring relationship with both trusted Mature-Masters as well as their local community at large.

Individual Sovereign Authority: Everyone is a leader, to someone, somewhere in time! Determined personal character combined with empowering sovereign values, creates a rugged optimistic lifestyle that has enabled previous generations to enjoy the benefits of collective cultural success! With that honorable calling comes our willingness to defend these national treasures (physical and philosophical) against all manner of threats, including destruction via subversive apathy! Herein lies the true stewardship power to birth, build and lead the way to ever-greener pastures. Throughout our lives, most of the activities that we will engage in require that we just learn what task to do each day; even though it is equally as important to correctly know how and why we are doing that job in the first place!  When we as a culture boldly combine these solid principles with the integral strength of optimistic habitual action, the resulting productivity increase simply overflows our expectations, flooding the surrounding community with the restorative power of intentional belief. This entire process serves to activate the innate restorative power of focused belief energy, which in itself generates the emotionally infused optimistic dance of opportunity that can and will overflow any negative pessimism with the overwhelming power of simple momentum. Through this vital flow of productive energy we all can strengthen our awareness of these three core essential ideas: 

  1. What we routinely think about defines who we distinctively are,

  2. What we adamantly believe shapes how we each learn and grow,

  3. What we are willing to do every day determines who we intentionally become! 


Authentic Individualism: When we couple our familiar, guarded temperament with the latitude of grace-filled steadfast attitude, these natural law-based premises establish our happiness autonomy. This is a renewable, hope-inspired natural resource that empowers all of us to thoughtfully overcome our earthly struggles. 


Authentic Individualism: The Shining House on a Hill: Look, upon the horizon, stands an enduring beacon of hopefulness, forever vigilant and steadfast, ready to defend our God-given freedoms against all forms of tyranny. Now is the time for us to champion this venerable symbol of hopefulness so that people from around the world over can look up to it for graceful freedom, loving courage, and inspiring willingness. The entire world needs strong, identifiable social symbols that represent the innate advantages of living a grace-filled lifestyle that seeks to call out the best of all things kind, decent, and virtuous in our daily walk. This teamwork vision seeks to equally serve everyone's basic needs by providing the 'hope-filled' safe haven that provides the cultural security that enables the national economy to be audaciously driven by independent market-forces driven. As we eagerly await opportunities for stewardship, we can anchor our efforts to a solid foundation of hopefulness, and prepare to wisely Move Foward.

We must learn to view everything in our life through the optimistic prism of W.I.N. (What's Important Now)! 

Authentic Individualism: The Great Economic Sleeping-Bear: Time is of the essence to try to awaken our great sleeping-bear national economy from its long-errant slumber. Instinctively we all know that "the only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good people to stand by and do nothing", therefore, we must consistently train ourselves in productive daily habits accordingly! When our social environment is active and vibrant with energetic interaction (pro-growth), we become fully recharged, mentally healthy, and ready to respond in any moment of urgency. However, when that same environment stagnates and begins to inch along anemically, we find a cesspool reeking with decay as the people are out of work and have too much idle time on their hands. Therefore, when there is work to be done, missions to be led, crops to plant or harvest, and mountains to be moved, we need to dig deep to find each project’s natural flow, then harness that energy to drive us forward and not quit until each project is completely done. 

Bottom Line: Maintaining Our Sovereign Lifestyle.   When we work together as an interconnected community.When we work together as an interconnected community. Our collective strength and determined courage are urgently needed as the hour is now upon us to defend our constitutionally enshrined freedoms.

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