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Six Habits of Personal Excellence: Living a successful life is intricately tied to disciplined, strategic thinking for maintaining purposeful daily focus. It involves recognizing the subconscious patterns of reactionary thinking that often hinder insightfulness and empathy. This Handbook guides us through an in-depth, personal responsibility thought process regarding how to help develop mature stewardship. Homing in on the unique specifics of our particular vantage point we view this world around us and then ultimately unify together as a like-minded group. One where the ultimate objective is to bring to the surface the best options that will make something or some process more effective or more efficient and thereby benefit both the combination of pieces and the broader structure (person) as a whole. This transformational process creates optimistically infused momentum which naturally supports our inalienable fundamental rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  Everywhere we go we find discernment opportunities dressed up as learning events, this is where we discover Authentically, Abundant, Joyfulness, every day! 

Foundation Stone #1 Disciplined, Strategic Thinking unlocks the key to purposeful daily living. By understanding the significance of steering away from immature, momentary obsessions and embracing a more intentional approach. This self-disciplined-based mentoring program concentrates on demonstrating effective values and teaching the reaffirming lessons that these represent.​


Foundation Stone #2: Fundamental Faith, when viewed as a task-oriented, action word, catalyzes belief-inspired action. Defending inalienable rights reveals the empowering nature of Liberty and Freedom, leading to a transformative shift in our perception of the world. Accepting the responsibility to protect sovereign rights contributes to a broader awareness of the grace-filled moral nature that empowers our journey forward.

​Foundation Stone #3: Virtuous Values: The path to comprehensive self-improvement lies in shared common experiences and mentoring. Cooperative harnessing of emotional and spiritual energy fosters the development of a self-confident character. Facing problems directly, embracing vulnerability, and understanding unique needs enhance relationships and contribute to a more harmonious existence.​


Foundation Stone #4: Habitual Daily Routines: To counter destructive patterns, metaphorical light is employed to promote proactive problem-solving. Cultivating faith as a verb involves gaining control over daily life habits, leading to a more joy-filled existence. Approaching problem resolution with integrity encourages vulnerability, fostering improved relationships and understanding.


Foundation Stone #5: Brave Visionary Outlook: Advocating for cultural renewal is paramount, emphasizing the restoration of virtues and individualism. Prioritizing mentoring, self-worth, and community contribution instills cultural confidence. Inspiring individuals to find strength within and contribute to a freedom-loving society reshapes our collective narrative.

​Foundation Stone #6: Contented Cultural Alignment: Building on the premise that Virtuous Trustworthiness is earned daily creates a positive, work-oriented mindset. Rejuvenating spirits through shared truth-revealing experiences strengthens the collective fabric of a community. Measuring progress and encouraging productive self-improvement builds instinctive resilience, fostering a contented and thriving culture.

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BOTTOM-LINE: Mentoring through shared common experience best defines the necessary path that each of us must take to develop our steadfastly comprehensive self-improvement habits. This self-disciplined-based mentoring program concentrates on demonstrating effective values and teaching the reaffirming lessons that these Six Habits of Personal Excellence represent. Each participant is mentored in how to cooperatively harness their emotional and spiritual energy together, thus gaining the full multiplicative advantages that these disciplines create. In addition, the process utilizes a multifaceted educational platform that overcomes individual variation between peers; whereby the program essentially compensates for any difference in inherent talents and learned skills, all of which require nuance-specific Self-Mastery training. When we are willing to deal straight up with our problems by facing circumstances head-on, our physiology opens up, and we become capable of seeing, understanding, and coping with life as it is, and are no longer willing to accept merely hoping for what we want or wishing to get it our way. Approaching our problem resolution in this integrity-anchored manner encourages other people to be vulnerable in their self-assessed critique as well.  When we are no longer holding back in fear of judgment or reprisals, and thereby willing to shed daylight on existing dead-weight emotional baggage, deciding what could and should be eliminated making the relationship better, becomes clear. each participant specifically learns to read the unique needs of each situation, seeking to discern the full potential range of benefits (risk vs reward) involved, including how to maximize their investment (return on effort) and when to push back against any distractions that could block the focus on their goals.


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