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GRACEFUL-THINKING: Throughout our lives, we will all make some big mistakes, ones that  will either crush us apart or teach hard lessons; both form our narratives:

      1) I am worthy of Being Happy                   

      2) I am sincerely Cared For Daily                           BELIEVE AUDACIOULY

      3) I am Loved Unconditionally

NOBLE-CHARACTER:  Learn to discern and block any form of distractions that prevents us from effectively aligning our best efforts to maximize our teamwork:

     1) Put other People's Needs First

     2) Live life with Bold Willingness                            THINK STRATEGICALLY

     3) Commit your life to Excellence

​TRUSTWORTHY-HABITS: Learn to faithfully discern truth, willingly let go of the need to seek blame for our problems, and openly humble ourselves to accept the TRUTH!

     1) Follow First!  Learn to Listen!

     2) Seek out your Full Potential!                               LIVE GRATEFULLY

     3) Always Keep Moving Forward! 


.1 VISIONARY-LEADERSHIP™: Life is an ongoing, never-ending process of self-creation, one where each and every day presents us with fresh opportunities to discover new information, make new decisions, and then take new actions. This experience-based mentoring platform provides a consistent vantage point perspective and level-playing-field consistency from which participants can measure, adjust, and refine their effective individual stewardship progress. This fundamental approach focuses on transforming our mundane, seemingly mindless, daily routines into systematic combinations of well-established productive principles driven by enduring personal discipline. Essentially, when we engage the mental mechanics involved in this recipe we trigger a tri-fusion of comprehensive intellectual energy that releases into our physiology an enduring sense of balanced determination and rugged core confidence.  Throughout this inherent process, these two disciplined baselines gradually dovetail together to better serve the needs of the rapidly expanding Mature-Mastery™ mentoring platform, by providing an ever-growing communal depository of hard-earned insightful knowledge.

21.2) VISIONARY STEWARDSHIP: Time is of the essence to awaken our ‘Great Sleeping Bear” affirming economy from long-errant complacent slumber. When our social environment is active and vibrant with energetic interaction (pro-growth), we become fully recharged, mentally healthy, and ready to respond in any moment of urgency. However, when that same environment stagnates and begins to inch along anemically, we find a cesspool reeking with decay as the people are out of work and have too much idle time on their hands. Therefore, we must be able to instinctively search out sustainable stewardship to assure secure anchorage to a solid foundation of hopefulness Therefore, when there is work to be done, missions to be led, crops to plant or harvest, and mountains to be moved, we need to find each project’s natural flow. We can then harness that energy, to our intended purposes, and not quit until each project is completed. When we follow the recipe instructions verbatim, we soon discover that it is our humble, willing obedience to the overall process that creates the spirit of confident determination. In addition, when we pursue each of our goals in the most efficient manner possible, this resource harmoniously completes the process follow through by blending these disciplines together, thus capturing the knowledge retained from multiple perspectives.


21.3) VISIONARY-ACCOUNTABILITY™: Botton-line: Everyone is a leader, to someone, somewhere in time; thereby we have an assumed obligation to accept our responsibility to help lead the recovery of our collective self-confidence and sense of redeeming potential that only the act of pulling ourselves up by the bootstraps can accomplish. Now more than ever, we need to focus on isolating the pressure points that need to be triggered in order to reawaken a healthy virtuous society from one fraught with seemingly endless complicit apathy. Effective leadership is both a natural talent and a knowingly trainable skill; with that honorable calling comes our willingness to defend access to these national treasures (physical and philosophical) against all manner of threats, including destruction via subversive apathy!  Our job s to help to restore the best of our traditions as we willingly pursue developing our individual Self-Mastery™ over the daily habits in our life. We[RRP1]  each have different inherited talents and learned skills, all of which require several different types of specialized one-on-one mentoring.


21.4) VISIONARY-INSPIRATION:  Look upon the horizon for a ‘Shining House on a Hill’ as an enduring beacon of hopefulness, forever vigilant and steadfast, ready to defend our God-given freedoms against all forms of tyranny. Now is the time for us to champion this venerable symbol of hopefulness so that people from around the world over can look up to it for graceful freedom, loving courage, and inspiring willingness. The entire world needs strong, identifiable social symbols that represent the innate advantages of living a grace-filled lifestyle, especially one that seeks to call out the best of all things that are kind, decent, and virtuous in our daily walk. This teamwork vision seeks to equally serve everyone's basic needs by providing an intellectual, as well as physical, 'hope-inspired' safe haven that we can all claim as our enduring ‘Homebase’. Everyone lives a better life within a mutually benevolent society, especially when it is maintained as a common function of ordinary individuals acting on their own free sovereign will. This entire process serves to activate the restorative power of focused belief, which generates the inspired dance of opportunity. 


21.5 VISIONARY-DISCIPLINE™: Brave audacious leadership is needed NOW; for nobody can succeed in life if they can’t optimistically dream of a brighter future! This is especially true when we take into consideration that their entire cultural outlook is focused, by necessity, on maintaining their basic daily survival! Fundamental cultural self-awareness (living in the present) has evolved over many generations into the foundational cornerstone truth that empathetic self-mastery drives all forms of discernment. As thoughtful human beings, we all share a familiar physical presence (body structure) that is fundamentally hard-wired to accommodate emotional frameworks (personalities) and purposely designed to seek out collaborative interactions (relationships). This foundational premise serves as a philosophical ge that reflects what humans collectively believe we can do and can't do with our time here on earth.  Simply put, we all must start with the clear awareness that nobody is even remotely of the same mental caliber at the beginning of their mentorship training as they will be after persevering to establish their own confident self-awareness.  



21.6 VISIONARY-Talents and Skills: We all need to recognize that Even though our individual nature makes each unique, in all reality we are just like snowflakes, where no two are ever exactly the same. Simple daily influence tends to work the same way. When our social environment is active and vibrant with energetic interaction (growth), we feel mentally healthy and are ready to respond in any and all moments o urgency. However, when that same environment stagnates and begins to just inch along anemically, we find a cesspool reeking with decay as the people are out of work and have too much idle time on their hands. Furthermore, far too many people constantly wish for a simple way to get life’s bounty undeservingly bestowed upon themselves; instead of instinctively looking for practical tools and situations with which to live out their right to dream big dreams.


21.7 VISIONARY ROUNDTABLE: What, Where, and Why, we are called to join a growing cultural movement designed to help the entire political world transition away from the historically domineering 'Conquering Ruler' leadership role model into the much more effective Local-Empowerment (i.e., Statesmanship-Orientated, Sustainable-Stewardship) baseline that allows each person to chart different courses of action and explore different life paths in search of their skills, talents, and general identity.  Discussions and Debates: For example: On the table for debate and discussion is a seemingly very straightforward question regarding one’s dominate cultural expectations. At its core it simply challenges the overall logical rationale of whether or not imposing “greater good” obligations on our general society filters down to a more satisfying, longer-lasting fulfillment on the individual level? Does forcing the individual to blindly conform to just the basic needs of their collective society constitute living a full and productive life?  In other words, can civilization survive based on compelling its citizens to "fall in line" to the “greater good” by playing a societal version of “shut up and do as your told” able to produce a vibrant, healthy society? Look deep in your soul nto find th answer



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