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Family Bike Ride

Everyone is a leader, to someone, somewhere in time! Fundamental to all manner of inherent human behavior is the core realization that we all need (as much as want), personal recognition regularly to feel alive, valued, and worthwhile. Over time and experience, this primordial need drives the instinctive formation of each person's unique emotional baseline, thereby creating the natural harness point with which to transform our desires into a dependable source of mature motivation and overall 'life-progress" accountability. Furthermore, when we as a culture boldly combine these solid principles with the integral strength of habitual optimism the resulting productivity simply overflows our traditional situational expectations, flooding the surrounding community with the restorative power of intentional belief. 4 MEANINGFUL LIFE-PREMISE: We need to wholly buy into (accept) the reasoned nature of choosing to live a stewardship-orientated, self-disciplined lifestyle; one where we can emotionally link our outlook-interaction interact as a greater virtual community of believers. This simple transformational process creates within each of us naturally infused self-confidence and enduring hope-filled momentum, that when combined together, create an emotional 'wave" that can carry us forward up and over our endeavors while providing an energizing spark. MEANINGFUL PSYCHOLOGY: As thinking human beings, we all share a familiar physical presence (body structure) and are essentially hard-wired to form common emotional frameworks (personalities) as we seek out collaborative interactions (relationships). Then nature adds in a potentially vast assortment of universal character traits that we can each build our life upon and fully customize to our liking. This is where the simple similarities end and individual personality-driven character anomalies readily emerge through this development process. MEANINGFUL GROWTH: We all need to learn how to recognize the full range-degree of differences between diverse groups of people with compatible talents and learned skills, all of which will require a potentially wide variety of individualized training. To continue to grow we need to recognize that we each have different inherited talents and learned skills, all of which require several different types of specialized one-on-one mentoring that only come from hands-on realistic problem-solving challenges. This comprehensive mentoring platform provides the intellectual guidance needed by each participant as they learn to maturely master their own naturally intuitive observational skills. MEANINGFUL WILLINGNESS: Far too many of us take for granted the enshrined inalienable rights that constitute liberty of thought and action, never realizing that, when coupled with grace-filled latitude, these natural laws establish our authority over who we are as individuals. Always live your life aware and prepared for unexpected, unforeseen, and unplanned emergencies; we need to think of our daily life problems as basic projects in need of simple solutions. When we adopt this habitual mannerism, it becomes an essential part of who we are. MEANINGFUL STEADFASTNESS: When we adopt this habitual mannerism as a part of who we are it releases us from conventional hesitation, ignoring society's demand for "pay your dues" induced, faux-humility tribute, including its erroneously obligated 'fear of failure" self-contrived and required suffocating misery. Furthermore, this trial-and-error-driven, personal-growth-based self-education process guides the participants through identifying the pessimistic pivot points in their own lives, specifically those that suppress life's natural optimistic exuberance and result in clouding the luscious mind. MEANINGFUL INFLUENCE: If we could boil life down to its fundamental essence, we would find that the glue that binds us all together into communities, is our united stewardship and grace-filled personal maturity. The bottom-line answer reflects our reality that, as goes the rise of the me-generation and its selfie-culture minions, so goes the future of our historically revered, ruggedly self-reliant culture as we have known it. Therefore, before us (by accident) we behold the inevitable destructive decay caused by unaware and thus unfulfilled, selfish-minded, perpetual adolescents with far too much time on their hands. This program seeks to empower individuals to explore the world around them in a ceaseless effort to discover their ideal place in life. MEANINGFUL INEVITABILITY: Herein, we have virtuous hard-work-orientated cultural traditions that are purposefully designed to inspire and motivate participants to develop confident self-reliance. In nearly everything we do and everywhere we go we will find discernment opportunities dressed up as learning events; especially ones where we can come together as a vibrant virtual community with the intent to show as we build upon the foundation of our forthcoming self-confident character, we will soon find ourselves drawn forward into establishing habitual daily routines, ones that enable personal accountability to time-tested, proven disciplines. . This engaged process generates infused momentum, which fuels the effective impact that we can extend to the world around us. We don’t want to just tread water; we want to learn how to sail the mighty seas, climb the highest mountains, ford the deepest rivers and all the while breathe in deeply the fresh air of empowered freedom. Move Forward - Onward and Upward

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