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3.1) DISCIPLINED: Lighthouse Beacon:  Success is a homing beacon; it calls us to stretch our wings, challenge ourselves, push our limits, and assert our character. Every one of us has to explore our potential, rise above our circumstances, and discover what we are made of. Likewise, we all have different inherent talents, as well as uniquely developed skills, each seeking to figure out where we fit and how to achieve the satisfaction that comes with expressing our inner nature. While many people discover performance joy through recognized formats (art, music sports, etc.). To those of us who refer to ourselves as entrepreneurs, the pleasure is all about figuring out the product and process to properly make a profit that moves us forward. Some of us find the winning combination early in our career; others see it later in life after having struggled to try to fit square pegs into round holes. Still, others of us are raised within an entrepreneurial environment, such as a family business (lumbering, farming, manufacturing, retailing, etc.), and either learn to love it or despise its need for discipline.

3.2) DISCIPLINED: Human Nature by design, is inherently protective of its own self-interest, keenly fixated on trying to anticipate each encounter's outcome, relative to our life plans. ​​These skills help us to discern new answers to old questions, ending the damaging, erroneous power of hesitation-fear, and its ability to transform good ideas into poor intentions as a waste of time.Far too many of us take for granted the enshrined inalienable rights that constitute liberty of thoughts and action, never realizing that, when coupled with grace-filled latitude, these natural laws establish our authority over who we are as individuals. Entrepreneurs investing and mentoring fellow entrepreneurs. Every day we must work hard to intentionally train our minds to seek out new opportunities that move us all forward. Such is the beauty of freedom, as defined by the true power of individual choice.

3.3) DISCIPLINED: Internal Narrative: Successful habits create the vital productive energy that gradually overflows destructive negative pessimism with the restorative power of faith-based confident belief. As we invest the necessary time and experience, each participant eventually learns to explore different life paths in search of unique skills, talents, and satisfying new identity advantages; all of which change our general perception dramatically. These skills help us to discern new answers to old questions, revoking the damaging power of hesitation-fear and its ability to transform good ideas into pointless intentions.

15.5) DISCIPLINED: Societal Governance: Small Businesses drive our economy; they are the frontlines of new job creation, and the home of ingenuity, innovation, and economic renewal. This state of affairs is well known to every economist, yetour middle-class continues to shrink as our business owners are demeaned and vilified for wanting to make a profit. Public officials are under constant pressure by special interest groups for infinite product safety regulations, limitless liability restrictions, and ever more intrusive mandates, all of which trickle down to the business owner as more and more restrictions on their ability to operate daily, let alone grow and expand.

15.6) DISCIPLINED: Societal Liability: Worst of all are the politicians and bureaucrats that view their purpose in life as one to ride herd on the public and restrict the freedoms of anyone that dares to think outside of the box. Finally, not to be forgotten, we have the miseducated, political agenda driving advocates, who seek to transform our culture by manipulating public perception.   If we as a society want a stronger economy, with people in poverty, and more people with economic security, you don’t get there by tearing down the successful business owners, you get there by helping more people pull themselves up by their bootstraps. Politicians can help people to work their way up to a better future, but they can’t do it for them, and No helping by handout!


15.7) DISCIPLINED: Enlightenment: The best thing that entrepreneurial business peple and leaders can do is build up our fellow human's belief in possibilities. Be an example, demonstrate what can be done when you set your mind to it and go to work. The best Pro-Opportunity Environment we can offer is to succeed in our endeavors, share our experiences, and help as we fight back against the temptation of believing lazy disingenuous leadership.  We must first recognize the nature of inherent threats to our productivity and then discern their resulting impact on our overall economic sense of balance. Then we must stand firmly against the tyranny of politically-minded influencers that seek to convince the general citizenry to acquiesce to their authority (peer pressure). We must refuse to give in to their demand for our blind submission to domineering, centralized control.  We must work with an imperfect world as unabashed advocates for the sovereign freedom of personal liberty. To build long-lasting strength we must focus on the critical necessity of maintaining a healthy daily outlook.

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