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5.7) SOVEREIGN: Narrative: the underlining core message discusses how we undeniably become what we routinely think about, and what we steadfastly believe determines how we live our lives. Through this paradigm, we become driven to recreate the world around us. We need to awaken an urgent need to correct our lack of any grateful recognition of the people in our lives, and acknowledge their contributions to our daily 'Pursuit of happiness.' This program breaks down with the fusion of participation framed into three safe-Haven cultural elements:

  1. Why:     Rest-Refocus-Restoration:             Relax:  Mind, Body, and Spirit

  2. What:   Vision-Education-Mentoring:        Develop: Specifically Aware

  3. Where: Sovereign-Spiritual-Sanctuary:      Maintain: Experience-Based

This reality check is the result of freedom-minded people engaged in the sense of shared responsibilities as they accept their mutual obligations to serve others. We  must recognize the repetitious process of developing these self-measurement skills that provide the comprehensive, firsthand experience that we need to evolve our instinctive sense of direction into a renewable guiding force of action.


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