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Living Example: This learning experience training is strategically designed to: champion each participant's Personal Liberty, affirm their Sovereign Natural Rights, and wholeheartedly advocate for their Personal Willingness to decisively saddle up and boldly ride to the collective benefit of others first. When we want to show solidarity with another person's circumstances, we need to do so by expressing our utmost confidence in that person's ability to accept the nature of any situation, no matter how hopeless it may appear. We exponentially create emotion-infused momentum by boldly combining optimistic, efficient expertise with confidence and joyous effort. The resulting productivity quite overflows our expectations of full-throttle willingness and faithful belief. This optimistically infused momentum naturally creates stewardship-orientated, divinely-energizing, inalienable fundamental rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; as endowed upon every human being by the Divine Creator.


2.2) PREMISE: Narrative Messaging: Here is the fundamental discussion framework that identifies how we undeniably become what we routinely think about, and what we steadfastly believe determines how we live our lives. Through this paradigm, we become driven to create the world around us and acknowledge their contributions to our daily 'Pursuit of Happiness.’  This bold effort represents the inherent hunger to live one's life through the examples of a commitment-orientated, responsive lifestyle. As fair-minded individuals, we tend to see ourselves within the context of people who respond to life's challenges; however, it is the repetitious process of self-measurement skills that provide the comprehensive, firsthand knowledge and experience that we need to naturally evolve our instinctive sense of direction into a guiding force.

2.3) PREMISE: Nuanced Perspectives: we need to define the daily actions that enable us to share time-tested common values effectively. When willingly combined with rock-solid integrity and a visionary outlook on life, they systematically help create the common foundation stones of all personal wisdom and accomplishment.  These ideas form the civilized intellectual benchmarks that anchor our perception of our environment to our realized identity.


2.4) PREMISE: Better Life: Everyone should live within an opportunity-focused society; especially when the individuals involved treat life as an ongoing discipleship challenge (Stewardship). This essential infrastructure provides the core support that empowers groups of diverse, freedom-minded people to form Virtual-Communities where the participants learn shared personal responsibility. Bear in mind that nobody is even remotely of the same mental caliber at the beginning of their stewardship immersions as they will be after persevering long and hard to build their discerning insight. Live each day prepared to serve others.


2.5) PREMISE: Liberty Mindset: Throughout this entire learning curve process, we must always remember that the ultimate goal is to unify us together as an individually driven, like-minded group. The ultimate objective is to bring out the best options that make each process more effective or more efficient for everyone. Therefore, we need to grow out of the ‘Conquering Warrior’ rulership model of the previous multiple millenniums; then wisely upgrade our expectations to accommodate the ‘Level Playing Field’ community stewardship format. This bold admin outlook seeks to deconstruct our current ‘One Size Fits All’ infrastructure and restore a locally driven, neighborhood-focused 


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