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Now is the time for us to champion this venerable symbol of hopefulness so that people from around the world can look up to it for graceful freedom, loving courage, and inspiring willingness. The entire world needs strong, identifiable social symbols that represent the innate advantages of living a grace-filled lifestyle that seeks to call out the best of all things kind, decent, and virtuous in our daily walk. This teamwork vision seeks to equally serve everyone's basic needs by providing the 'hope-filled' safe haven of our cultural security that enables the national economy to be audaciously driven by independent market-forces driven. As we eagerly await opportunities for stewardship, we can anchor our efforts to a solid foundation of hopefulness, and prepare to stand our ground wisely. Each of us on the face of this earth has things to do daily, whether we feel like doing them or not, and our job involves taking the bold initiative to try to awaken our great sleeping-bear national economy from long errant slumber. Instinctively we all know that "the only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good people to stand by and do nothing", therefore, we must consistently train ourselves in productive daily habits accordingly! if we want a more robust economy, one with fewer people in poverty, prison, and pain, then we must ride herd on our current local, regional, state, and national leaders, insisting on clear transparency in all governance issues so that more of our neighbors are able to gain full access to their fair share of the available opportunities. Instinctively, we have all recognized that everyone lives a better life within a mutually benevolent society, especially when its sustainably maintained as a common function of ordinary individuals acting of their own free sovereign will. When given a choice, freedom-minded people thrive on an enhanced sense of shared responsibilities and inherent cultural premise. Never take for granted the foundational value of the enshrined inalienable rights that constitute our Liberty of thoughts and actions. When we couple our familiar, guarded temperament with the latitude of grace-filled steadfast attitude, these natural law-based premises establish our happiness autonomy. This is a renewable, hope-inspired natural resource that empowers all of us to thoughtfully overcome our earthly struggles. To defend our sovereign freedom, we must begin by developing our full appreciation of the entire slate of advantages we gain from living in a capitalistic country, especially one filled with generational wealth and rich traditions. Living a full life involves developing the self-accountability that empowers all of us to enjoy a more productive, purposeful, and spiritually mature life. Every one of us needs to stay true to our best character, stretch out our wings, and learn to fly.  When we commit to pushing our physical and emotional limits, we incrementally reshape our tired reality into a new dynamic life. The more willing we are to do the work, the less pressure life has to use on us to make the same results. ​Only when we understand the true cost of protecting our inalienable rights and sovereign freedom can we recognize the true value of our investment in each other. ​​Maintaining meaningfulness requires finding new mountains to climb! Our collective strength and determined courage are urgently needed as the hour is now upon us to defend our constitutionally-enshrined freedoms. When we work together as an interconnected community, However, when our social environment is active and vibrant with energetic interaction (pro-growth), we become fully recharged, mentally healthy, and ready to respond in any moment of urgency. However, when that same environment stagnates and begins to inch along anemically, we find a cesspool reeking with decay as the people are out of work and have too much idle time on their hands. Therefore, when there is work to be done, missions to be led, crops to plant or harvest, and mountains to be moved, we need to dig deep to find each project’s natural flow, then harness that energy to drive us forward and don't quit until each project is completely done

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