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   Take Every Opporunity To Build Resilient Faith


Life is an ongoing, never-ending process of self-creation. Each and every single day is a fresh opportunity to make new decisions and take new actions. We must consistently remind each other that every single experience we encounter creates a growing depository of knowledge-based insightfulness (if we choose to look deeply enough for it). This transformational process generates optimistically infused momentum, which in turn strengthens the confident impact we can extend to the world around us. Individual meaningfulness drives everything forward, especially when brought forth in favor of our inalienable, God-given rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness! Become the Light Into the Darkness! Throughout human history, simple environmental darkness (the lack of light) has been a persistent nemesis to the growth and survival of nearly every civilization so far, strictly due to the negative effects of F.E.A.R. (false evidence appearing real)! Thankfully, the inspiring impact of a bright shining light has historically proven itself to be an effective counter-weight to that darkness, steadily revealing any objects of concern in our path by providing a glimpse of the world directly before us. Just like when opening your home's front door on a pitch-dark night, the abundance of light or warmth from inside the building instantly floods past the threshold as it streams out the door, providing an enlightened view of the world before us. Likewise, the willing, heartfelt support of fellow believers optimistically strengthens us to overcome the negative influence of the needlessly pessimistic populace that surrounds us! We need Retooled Culture Now! Awaken now and become acutely aware that each of us has a vested interest in the ever-changing nature of the world around us. Stated more specifically, upon thorough observation, each of us must recognize that we are all called to remain forever vigilant and steadfast, ready to defend our divinely bestowed rights and freedoms against our political bullies and any form of imposed tyranny. Upon this premise, we, as a global society, need to grow out of the ‘Conquering Warrior’ rulership model of the previous multiple millenniums and wisely upgrade our expectations to accommodate the ‘Level Playing Field’ community-stewardship-first format. This bold model seeks to deconstruct our current wasteful 'one-size-fits-all', bureaucrat-heavy centralized infrastructure and restore it with a local-first, neighborhood-focused, efficiency-orientated governance format. Bear in mind that restoring each person’s sense of individualism and personal self-worth to their own eyes first is paramount; we must mentor them in the act of pulling oneself up by their bootstraps as they are joyfully pushed forward, determined to persevere. The bottom line: Each of us must find within ourselves the freely given strength and willingness to live by our virtuous convictions; therefore, we must learn to respect ourselves enough to share our talents with, and through others, by capitalizing on the inner strength of our liberty and personal sacrifice! These channels enable lifetime learning and continuing education. MOVE FORWARD LIFESTYLE: Now is the time for us to champion this venerable symbol of hopefulness so that people from around the world can look up to it for graceful freedom, loving courage, and inspiring willingness. Everyone should live within an opportunity-focused society, especially when the individuals involved treat life as an ongoing discipleship challenge (Stewardship). This essential infrastructure provides the core support that empowers groups of diverse, freedom-minded people to form both local and online virtual communities where the participants learn shared personal responsibility. We must pull together with diverse groups of people from all walks of life to wisely train our core habits to reflect willing confidence and produce steadfast character every day! Always remember that nobody is even remotely of the same mental caliber at the beginning of their stewardship immersions as they will be after persevering long to build their discerning insight.

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BOTTOM-LINE: Mentoring through shared common experience best defines the necessary path that each of us must take to develop our steadfastly comprehensive self-improvement habits. This self-disciplined-based mentoring program concentrates on demonstrating effective values and teaching the reaffirming lessons that these Tenets of Personal Excellence represent. Each participant is mentored in how to harness their emotional and spiritual energy together, thus gaining the full multiplicative advantages that these disciplines create. In addition, the process utilizes a multifaceted educational platform that overcomes individual variation between peers; whereby the program essentially compensates for any difference in inherent talents and learned skills, all of which require nuance-specific Self-Mastery training. When we are willing to deal directly with our problems by facing our circumstances head-on, then our physiology opens up, and we become capable of seeing, understanding, and coping with life as it is, and are no longer willing to accept merely hoping for what we want or wishing to get it our way. Approaching our problem resolution in this integrity-anchored manner encourages other people to be vulnerable in their self-assessed critique as well.  When we are no longer holding back in fear of judgment or reprisals, and thereby willing to shed daylight on existing dead-weight emotional baggage, deciding what could and should be eliminated making the relationship better, becomes clear. each participant specifically learns to read the unique needs of each situation, seeking to discern the full potential range of benefits (risk vs reward) involved, including how to maximize their investment (return on effort) and when to push back against any distractions that could block the focus on their goals. Always Move Forward!

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