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5.1) SOVEREIGN: Influence: Here is the exponentially created emotion-infused momentum, that results from when we boldly combine optimistic, efficient expertise with confident, willing effort. This resulting productivity effect quite simply overflows our traditional attitude's situational expectations, which by default floods the surrounding community with the restorative power of authentic, intentional belief. This effort represents the inherent hunger to live life through a commitment-orientated, responsive lifestyle.


 5.2) SOVEREIGN Livelihood: Welcome to the ever-evolving needs of an interdependent world, one in which every opportunity needs to be taken to help restore ‘community awareness’ (for the people and by the people) basic governance of their innate front-line obligations to defend our collective culture against all forms of political corruption. As responsive stewards, we must seek to maintain the civic efficiency of ‘Sustainable Stewardship’ by promoting the fundamental advantages of local (point-of-action) societal awareness, as an enduring bulwark that advocates for the advantages of local service.


5.3) SOVEREIGN Respond-Ability: Always live your life fully aware and prepared for unexpected, unforeseen, and unplanned emergencies. To be effective, we each need to learn how to think through identifying the pessimistic pivot points in our own lives, specifically those that suppress life's natural optimistic exuberance. These are freedom-minded people who believe in a fair & balanced community that intentionally seeks to fight back against clouding the luscious mind.


5.4 SOVEREIGN Momentum: We just need to stop the endless, mind-numbing "what are we going to do about it" worries and concerns until the job is done; preferring instead to side-step any undetermined judgments associated with our instinctive "willingness to act" rapid respond-ability until all the facts are accounted for and victory is at hand.​​ Life can be very basic and simple, yet far too many of us lack the practical tools to go to work on our own replacing negative pessimism with the restorative power of faith-based confident belief. When the dust settles, we are each helping our entire civilization transform from the domination-style 'conquering-ruler model, into the much more sustainable stewardship template where we learn to live graciously.

5.5) SOVEREIGN: Positive Expectations: To enjoy a sense of empowerment impacts your confidence. Capitalizing on this sense of bold risk confrontation and security comes with your willing openness to reciprocate among friends working together daily anchoring a diverse-thinking, virtual community that advocates independent freedom through a balanced sovereign life. As you learn to focus on the daily impact of seemingly small nuances in life, you will naturally begin to assimilate more situational details that were previously just overlooked. this program breaks down with the fusion of participation framed into three safe-Haven cultural elements:

  1. Why:     Rest-Refocus-Restoration:             Relax:  Mind, Body, and Spirit

  2. What:   Vision-Education-Mentoring:           Develop: Specifically Aware

  3. Where: Sovereign-Spiritual-Sanctuary:        Maintain: Experience-Based

5.6) SOVEREIGN Outlook: Pursuing fundamental self-improvement enables each one of us to enjoy the benefits of our mature sovereign freedom. This fundamental mentoring process is wholly committed to providing a multifaceted individualized approach to personal development as we each have different inherent talents and learned skills, all of which require nuanced training to fully learn and master. Under this approach, people wil have to choose; Either actively learn to spread their wings and ride the wind currents or surf the rolling waves,  just sit at the dock in the safety of a harbor, slowly rotting away

5.7) SOVEREIGN: Narrative: the underlying core message discusses how we undeniably become what we routinely think about, and what we steadfastly believe determines how we live our lives. Through this paradigm, we become driven to recreate the world around us. We need to awaken an urgent need to correct our lack of any grateful recognition of the people in our lives, and acknowledge their contributions to our daily 'Pursuit of Happiness.'


This program breaks down with the fusion of participation framed into three safe-Haven cultural elements:

  1. Why:     Rest-Refocus-Restoration:             Relax:  Mind, Body, and Spirit

  2. What:   Vision-Education-Mentoring:        Develop: Specifically Aware

  3. Where: Sovereign-Spiritual-Sanctuary:      Maintain: Experience-Based

This reality check is the result of freedom-minded people engaged in the sense of shared responsibilities as they accept their mutual obligations to serve others. We  must recognize the repetitious process of developing these self-measurement skills that provide the comprehensive, firsthand experience that we need to evolve our instinctive sense of direction into a renewable guiding force of action. 

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