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OWNER'S MANUAL (OEM): Here is an in-depth comprehensive training handbook that serves to guide us through a personal responsibility thought process regarding how to establish a mature stewardship perspective of this world around us. One where the ultimate objective is to bring to the surface the best options that will make something or some process more effective or more efficient and thereby benefit both the combination of pieces and the broader structure (person) as a whole. This transformational process creates optimistically infused momentum that naturally supports our stewardship-orientated, divinely-energizing, inalienable fundamental rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  Everything we do and everywhere we go we find discernment opportunities dressed up as learning events, where we can creativity discover Authentically, Abundant, and Joyfulness, every day.


Sustainable-Stewardship-Solidary: When we as individuals willingly buy into (agree and accept) the nature of living an intentionally disciplined lifestyle, we become naturally infused with hope-filled self-confidence. Fundamentally we experience an intellectual gleaning process (inside and out) that morally strengthens us through discerning and de-cluttering our minds from dead-weight pessimistic thinking. These foundational ideas enable us to share time-tested common values and communicate effectively. Here are the four primary questions that empower each person to seek out and explore different life paths and find their skills, talents, and general identity. Ask yourself these questions:

  1. WHAT exactly is our internal self-narrative?

  2. WHEN do we become what we think about?

  3. WHERE should we focus our daily productivity on?

  4. WHY does a life vision take daily belief and effort?​​   


Note: These four foundational traits of self-development define our daily actions, for when willingly combined with rock-solid integrity it systematically create the critical foundational basis of all personal wisdom and accomplishment. This is especially relevant when our success is forged from the emotional heat and pressure that only our determined perseverance to overcome life’s random challenges can generate. In other words, it is the actual process of developing our self-reliance skills that provide the comprehensive, firsthand knowledge and repetitious experience we need to evolve instinctively™.

OWNERSHIP MINDSET: Steward-leaders understand the need for role-modeling mentors who will wholeheartedly accept their obligation to demonstrate personal responsibility and accountability. They understand that without individual responsibility, social collapse becomes inevitable as nations, communities, and family structures unravel at their very core. Thankfully, personal responsibility is infectious, as humans are innately hard-wired to seek out the challenges of our lives, as well as psychologically driven to strive for better.  This fundamental level of determination to improve our circumstances hums instinctively in our deepest thoughts, much like a furnace pilot light, we can suppress it or try to ignore it but is still there.  Functioning at the involuntary level of our psyche, this primordial desire has dominated the perspectives and perceptions of every individual from every generation throughout the millenniums.  There is no neutral ground regarding this human compulsion, as cultures continually regenerate the philosophies of their preceding populaces in the never-ending pursuit of everlasting nirvana, convinced that the resulting satisfaction will infinitely fill their souls.


CONTEXT-CONTEXT-CONTEXT: Obviously, we are describing these issues in the broadest sense of terms to establish a philosophical premise for this discussion.  The question on the table is simply this, does imposed “greater good” accomplishments by our societies as a whole, filter down to satisfying, long-lasting fulfillment on the individual level?  Does relegating the individual to playing a societal version of “follow the leader” constitute living a full and productive life?  In other words, can a civilization based on compelling its citizens to "fall in line" to the “greater good,” be able to produce a vibrant, healthy society? If we achieved such a societal utopia, from where would the independent individual derive their internal drive to overcome obstacles, their inspiration to innovate solutions to 


BOTTOM-LINE: Living a successful life is intricately tied to disciplined, strategic thinking for maintaining purposeful daily focus. It involves recognizing the subconscious patterns of reactionary thinking that often hinder insightfulness and empathy.

1: Disciplined, Strategic Thinking unlocks the key to purposeful daily living,: By understanding the significance of steering away from immature, momentary obsessions and embracing a more intentional approach. This self-disciplined-based mentoring program concentrates on demonstrating effective values and teaching the reaffirming lessons that these Six Habits represent.​

2: Fundamental Faith: when viewed as a task-oriented, action word, catalyzes belief-inspired action. Defending inalienable rights reveals the empowering nature of Liberty and Freedom, leading to a transformative shift in our perception of the world. Accepting the responsibility to protect sovereign rights contributes to a broader awareness of our grace-filled moral nature.

3: Virtuous Values: The path to comprehensive self-improvement lies in shared common experiences and mentoring. Cooperative harnessing of emotional and spiritual energy fosters the development of a self-confident character. Facing problems directly, embracing vulnerability, and understanding unique needs enhance relationships and contribute to a more harmonious existence.​

4 Daily Routines: To counter destructive patterns, metaphorical light is employed to promote proactive problem-solving. Cultivating faith as a verb involves gaining control over daily life habits, leading to a more joy-filled existence. Approaching problem resolution with confident integrity and willing transparency encourages vulnerability through improved relationships and understanding.

5: Brave Visionary Outlook: Advocating for cultural renewal is paramount, emphasizing the restoration of virtues and individualism. Prioritizing mentoring, self-worth, and community contribution instills cultural confidence. Inspiring individuals to find strength within and contribute to a freedom-loving society reshapes our collective narrative.

6: Contented Cultural Alignment: Building on the premise that Virtuous Trustworthiness is earned daily creates a positive, work-oriented mindset. Rejuvenating spirits through shared truth experiences strengthens the collective fabric of a community. Measuring progress and productive self-improvement builds instinctive resilience, fostering a contented and thriving culture.

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