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1.1) Stewardship: Authentically Abundant Joyfulness is a hope-inspired, renewable natural resource that empowers all of us to thoughtfully overcome our earthly struggles. Every one of us lives a better life within a mutually benevolent society, especially when it is sustainably maintained as a common function of ordinary individuals acting on their own free sovereign will. Fundamentally, when given a choice, freedom-minded people are far more likely to willingly accept their shared responsibilities as they typically realize an enhanced sense of obligatory duty as their inherent cultural premise.


1.2) Stewardship Mindset: This program provides an individually structured, self-mastery stewardship platform from which each person can learn to Virtually-Mentor™ one another in nature, and living our life successfully is largely the direct result of our willingness to learn HOW to effectively capitalize on our inherent individual advantages. Within each person's subconscious mind lies their habitual way of reactionary thinking that far too often is consumed with chasing immature (what's in it for me) momentary daily obsessions. If left uncorrected, these patterns can become recklessly destructive as they blind our insightfulness skills and empathetic abilities. Only when we willingly accept the true intent of well-disciplined, strategic thinking can we understand WHY it is the key to purposeful daily focus? Now we can discover the full range of our response-fullness™ abilities by experiencing new effective ways of handling our emotions in stressful situations involving both complex and simple crises.

1.3) Stewardship Participation: Fundamental social self-awareness (living in the present) combined with an insightful mental narrative has evolved over many generations into the primary cultural cornerstones of empathetic truth. Thereby, we can establish the effective benefits of self-mastery in all forms of fundamental discernment. Ideal candidates are typically open-minded, self-determined individuals who are instinctively driven to respond effectively when confronted with blatantly unfair, and/or intentionally egregious circumstantial situations that require direct effective action accordingly. These participants are seeking to live their lives governed by solid, straightforward principles that embody simple, concise, and insightful common sense answers, ones that resolutely reflect the sovereign liberty that all good people prefer, desire, and willingly pursue. What they each want is right before their eyes; they just need to know what to look for and how to effectively follow through on what they find, provided that someone trustworthy will point them in the right direction. Move forward!


1.4) Stewardship Process: This mentoring process is designed to fundamentally deconstruct our daily life into unique layers of relative exposure (experiences and strategic understanding). Bear in mind, that the basic objective commonly develops into layers of insightful understanding from which we strategically glean out a vast assemblage of relative and diverse common life experiences. This process results in more of a gradual subconscious acceptance of ingrained cultural expectations. made from everyday habits and social norms, as opposed to a semi-cognitive social reaction, arbitrarily made after first impressions of their new surroundings. Essentially, willing-to-learn individuals; specifically the ones that...

  1. Recognize their skills and talents, which can be custom-tailored into a satisfying lifestyle,

  2. Engage their creative challenges, thereby routinely rejuvenating productive enthusiasm,

  3. Create a growth platform that facilitates the consistent measurement of progress (or decline)

1.5) Stewardship Driveness: Motivation, Momentum, and Maturity are people skills that naturally develop throughout each individual's entire lifetime; the qualities and usefulness of these attributes are only limited by our willingness to engage in diverse learning experiences, specifically the kind that challenges them to grow their unique perception of themselves. Those who possess natural curiosity, inherent talent, and thoughtful willingness, must accept a personal-growth-based education point in their life; specifically, the ones that suppress life's natural optimistic exuberance cloud the luscious mind. As fair-minded individuals, we tend to see ourselves within the context of talented people who respond to life's challenges. However, it is the repetitious process of self-measurement that provides the comprehensive, firsthand knowledge and experience that we need to naturally evolve our instinctive sense of direction into a guiding force. Each day, our accumulated actions determine what we will eventually become by compounding what we think about which guides us to benefit from what we willingly take action on!

1.6) Stewardship Reality: Lead, Follow, or Get Out Of The Way. This reality check is so simple that it goes right past most of us as we typically just dismiss it as a byproduct of lesser importance. Every day, a new crisis tries to seduce us, through procrastination and laziness, to sit and wait needlessly for someone else to be the first to do something significant that can reverse this seemingly inevitable trend of cultural decline. The common answer reflects our day-to-day reality of 'as goes the rise of the me-generation and its selfie-culture minions, so goes the future of our historically revered, self-reliant culture as we have known it'. Therefore we must face the inevitable destructive decay caused by unaware and thus unfulfilled, selfish-minded, perpetual adolescents and self-appointed good-for-nothings who have far too much time on their hands. 


1.7) Stewardship Awareness: Nobody can expect to joyously succeed in life if they can’t optimistically dream of a better, brighter tomorrow. This is specifically true when their core routine daily expectations (cultural lifestyle) are essentially consumed by the necessities of maintaining one’s basic survival. We eagerly await such opportunities for dutiful stewardship and wise governance, especially the ones that call for us to seek all things kind, decent, and virtuous in our daily walk. These ideas form the civilized intellectual benchmarks that anchor our perception of our environment to our realized identity.

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