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4.1) PRODUCTIVE Abundance:

We participate in this cultural evolution by helping establish a proven systematic leadership philosophy and set new cultural expectations, benefiting both the combination of pieces and the broader structure as a whole. Humans are hard-wired to instinctively seek out universal truths. The satisfaction we derive from purposely choosing right over wrong when coupled with the willing sacrifice to follow through on our commitments is deeper, much more satisfying, and longer-lasting than any benefit derived from any other choice. Once experienced, the memory of that satisfaction calls like a beacon in the night, driving us to seek out additional opportunities that require making sacrificial hard choices. Combining this natural human character quality with our growing sense of confidence creates emotional feelings inside our souls. We are well served to effectively harness this source of nearly endless energy to fuel our willingness to tackle big goals, objectives, and strategic plans. We believe that this Mental-Mastery approach is much more than satisfactory for the majority of people, who are just lazy-thinking followers looking for the best deal they can find each day as they try to convince their inner selves that learning something new is just plain pointless. Don’t allow their pessimistic outlook to infect you! As we complete our goals and plans, our soul begins to fill with gladness and the emotional effort fades.


4.2) PRODUCTIVE: Action-Behavior:

Incrementally, as we build upon the foundation of our self-confident character, we will soon find ourselves drawn forward into establishing habitual daily routines, ones that enable personal accountability to time-tested, proven disciplines. This comprehensive mentoring platform pro- vides the intellectual guidance needed by each participant as they learn to maturely master their own naturally intuitive observational skills.


4.3) PRODUCTIVE Motivation:

Humans have a deeply ingrained need to live their lives with virtuous distinction (meaningfulness), wholly committed to doing what it takes to succeed. As we become efficient in our thoughts that fuel our willingness to tackle goals, objectives, and strategic plans; all the while enjoying a joy-filled lifestyle. As your momentum consistently builds, your life begins to philosophically improve as your emotions ride up on top of the waves as you experience the Liberty that comes with accepting freedom through responsibility-in- fused self-confidence and enduring hope-filled momentum.


4.4) PRODUCTIVE Purpose:

The purpose of life is living a life of productive purpose! Authentically-natured people gravitate toward building a solid baseline of life skills that enhance their innermost sense of confidence, trustworthiness, and dependability. Working through the process of developing a comprehensive mix of experience-based educational sources to serve as our philosophical foundation enables us to establish and define our sovereign moral character, which in turn, distinctively identifies who we are. Sadly, somewhere along the way, far too many people become enamored with their selfish role in maintaining this world as it is.


4.5) PRODUCTIVE Focused:

Here we have a virtuously hard-work-orientated societal tradition that motivates its participants to work together developing self-reliant empowered individualism. Unfortunately, the public just tends to be overwhelmed by the daily realities of what they witness within our current cultural drift. Now, while we may in good faith recognize the deterioration of the world around us, simply acknowledging our society’s misguided priorities is increasingly becoming an unviable mute option, it’s just too little, too late. Sadly, it just seems that far too many good people have chosen instead to selfishly 'stick their head in the sand' as their only response. This tyranny of silent apathy has been chipping away at the roots of our culture for a long time as we struggle with the numbing effect of complacency. As you learn to focus on the daily impact of seemingly small nuances in life, you will naturally begin to assimilate increasingly more situational details that were previously just simply overlooked.


4.6) PRODUCTIVE: Action Steps:

When we look forward to the future, we need to consistently remind ourselves that the process of truth-based character development involves finding opportunities upon which to exercise our mental narrative skills and strong discernment capabilities. We each need to live a life that challenges us to know the truth, thereby rejuvenating our daily enthusiasm.


4.7) PRODUCTIVE Freedom:

Fortunately, there is an ever-growing sincere interest in the restoration of virtuous actions that lead us to stand up for a better life! We all need to fully appreciate our inherent freedoms, namely the value of living in a free country filled with generational wealth and respect for tradition; for only then can we recognize the true value of our investment in each other's potential.

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