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13.1) PERSPECTIVE: Inherent Potential:

This process is very effective when we work together as an interconnected community; Every generation is called to restore the original intent of our culture, which is to document what we humans can (and should) do with our lives and what we wisely can’t (and should not) do. When we strive to grow in our faith, our lives become much more straightforward and gracefully edifying. Then when we focus on developing our individualized scoring’ our mental strength and courage ‘returns on effort become paramount to both our survival and our victory!


13.2) PERSPECTIVE: Conducive Tangibility:

Hold on, there is absolutely nothing wrong with studying this material to learn how to get EVERYTHING IN LIFE and enjoy all of the benefits that go with that promise, tangible wants included! That is just fine and dandy! However, before you short-sell your own potential, first read and digest this material all the way through with your heart wide open, and mind ready to recognize that when we are talking about getting EVERYTHING IN LIFE, the tangible goodies are the very least of the benefits that you will receive! Climb aboard, this is going to be fun!


13.3) PERSPECTIVE: Comprehensive:

Now, once we have all of that figured out there is still the claim of RIGHT BEFORE US that is tossed in without any clarifying details at all. Perhaps it means that we are expected to assume a more philosophical approach, attending a retreat where we learn an ancient meditation ritual and chant. Consideration of all the different possibilities could go on forever and cover a multitude of possible different directions; At the end of the day all that matters is when we were told the truth, did we hear the truth and act on it?


13.4) PERSPECTIVE: Disingenuous Input:

Now be ready, every one of us has met, or received a visit from the skeptical, nay-sayers party. These people act out on their own with the intent to control the world as we know it. They have taken an internal consensus and determined that this question is just meant to be nothing more than one more mysterious brain teaser puzzle game. You know, the type of riddle that people debate until the wee hours of the morning over coffee and pie. Now while these questions provide the mental gymnastics for sincere academic exercises, we still want and deeply crave RE-AL DISCERNING TRUTH


13.5) PERSPECTIVE: Intuitive Nature:

At its core our shared COMMON-SENSE functions as our real-time, intellect-dedicated sub-processor; constantly drawing from our physical senses to gather all types of bits and pieces of ancillary information from the world around us while monitoring our internal physical barometer. The system continuously sorts-filter-files all of that information while comparing it to past experiences and known quantities, then consistently blends all that information to extrapolate our gut feeling


13.6) PERSPECTIVE: Empathic Nature:

At its main core nature, our shared instinctive perception functions as our networking radar; running at near sub-conscious levels, it connects and interacts subliminally with our focal points. With proper training and calibration, we can learn how to harness our emotional intelligence, transforming it from a reactionary emotional thermometer into a responsive proactive thermostat. As we experience our shared human frailty by engaging in success-vs-failure challenges, we begin to transform our instinct behavior into pro-active intuition into wise emotional maturity!


13.7) PERSPECTIVE: Clarifying Communication:

When we express our ideas, we must begin with clarifying our PREMISE, this is the WHY that serves as our common point of reference. It is upon this foundation that we build our whole thesis. For the body of the discussion, we add the content in CONTEXT, which establishes the WHAT of our position relative to our thesis premise. And finally, we build our NARRATIVE, this is the WHERE and HOW we want the thesis to communicate so we must l be mindful to be pithy communicators.

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