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Life Vision

6.1) LIFE-VISION: Satisfaction:

People love to celebrate winners from all types of diverse endeavors by emulating their victorious mannerisms, attitudes, and lifestyles and adopting them as their own. This competitive process is commonly known for developing one’s ‘faux-confidence’ or learning how to ‘fake it until you make it’, both of which are often used as a shortcut for quick performance improvement or as a coverup tactic for unearned ‘ranking privileges.’ Either way, they represent a ‘win at any cost’ ego-driven approach to character development and are entirely mood-sensitive (i.e., when you’re hot you are hot, and when you’re not you are not). The problem is quick results often leave no room for developing any depth of character or long-lasting self-confidence. By contrast, participants can learn through mentored guidance where every challenge is dealt with as a fundamental learning lesson and actionable skill set training session. We are instinctively called to join together as independent-minded individuals who set a confident example through their choice of virtuous words and thoughts.


6.2) LIFE-VISION: Social Awareness:

increasingly, the general public is becoming ever more overwhelmed by the growing volume of unnecessary daily complexities churned up by professional politicians trying to take unfair advantage of this rising cultural drift. Worst of all, the nature of this battle is entirely about what kind of world we are living in and will leave behind for future generations to clean up. Sadly, it just seems that far too many good people have chosen to selfishly 'stick their heads in the sand' as their only response. This tyranny of silent apathy keeps persistently chipping away at the roots of our traditional cultural values as every day we are repeatedly drenched in frustrating pessimism from the struggle.


6.3) LIFE-VISION Stewardship:

At all levels of effective people management, good governance is needed to maintain efficient public services, provide for effective law enforcement and empower emergency personnel, all while striving to curtail the invariable corrupting effect of long-term entrenched bureaucracies. We must protect and maintain our critical sovereign freedom by embracing our nation’s urgent, ever-growing need for faith-based cultural restoration. As we herald the emergence of the daily stewardship-orientated virtuous local lifestyle, we must willingly take necessary actions to stand tall in support of this grace-filled, faith-driven lifestyle that can carry us forward with confidence in our endeavors.


6.4) LIFE-VISION: Focused Lifestyle:

When we focus on developing individualized Proven-Principles as we strive to grow in our faith, our lives become much more straightforward and gracefully edifying. This process is very effective when we work together as an interconnected community; our mental strength and courage become paramount to both our survival and our victory. Life is an ongoing, never-ending process of creative self-management. Every day presents each of us with new opportunities to make new decisions and take new actions.


6.5) LIFE-VISION: Team Building:

For those of us who don’t enjoy being anchored in one spot, endlessly treading water, forever purposeless, this program seeks to empower individuals to explore the world around them in a ceaseless effort to discover their ideal place in life. Hereby, it is possible to create an orderly, organized society that expects each individual to develop to their full potential.


6.6) LIFE-VISION: Team Unifying:

Throughout this entire learning curve process, we must always remember that the ultimate goal is to unify us together as an individually driven, like-minded group. One where the ultimate objective is to bring to the surface the best options that make some processes more effective or more efficient and thereby benefit both the combination of pieces and the broader structure as a whole. Hereby, we are acknowledging that it is possible to create an orderly, organized society that not only allows but more importantly expects each individual to develop to their full potential. This society will effectively function collectively regarding general welfare issues while providing the latitude for each person to achieve their own life, liberty, and the pursuit of their happiness. This societal structure views the potential of the human spirit as the foremost responsibility that each individual must willingly embrace every day.


6.7) LIFE-VISION: Business Management.

This 'disciplined recipe' approach focuses on treating the prospective business as the summation of three (3) simple fundamental components (product, process, people). When combined with a standard SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats), it provides a very accurate 'snapshot' of the business including its overall potential. This business playbook provides the necessary reality checks on the viability of the business and focuses on forming benchmarks that release its true potential.

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