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 VISION: Discovering Authentically Abundant Joyfulness Every Day!

Living our life successfully is largely the direct result of our willingness to learn HOW to effectively capitalize on our inherent individual advantages. Within each person's subconscious mind lies their habitual way of reactionary thinking that far too often is consumed with chasing immature (what's in it for me) momentary daily obsessions. If left uncorrected, these patterns can become recklessly destructive as they blind our insightfulness skills and empathetic abilities. Only when we willingly accept the true intent of well-disciplined, strategic thinking can we understand WHY it is the key to purposeful daily focus. Now we can discover the full range of our response-fullness™ abilities by experiencing new effective ways of handling our emotions in stressful situations involving both complex and simple crises. Bottom-line: Authentically Abundant Joyfulness is the inevitable result of living our lives accountable to time-tested, daily disciplines that develop proven, self-confident individual character.  

1. The MEANINGFUL FOUNDATION KEYSTONE: The grammatical concept of Faith is meant to be used as a descriptive task-orientated, action word (VERB); that best describes belief-inspired action taking just like the correlation between how we become what we think about,  and how we benefit from what we are willingly taking action on!​ We need to learn to generate finite control over our life habits and focus on Discovering Authentically, Abundant, Joyfulness every day. In addition, we gain an enhanced sense of fairness-balanced justice that should remind all of us that it is the grace-filled moral nature of Liberty and Freedom that empowers our willing spirit and thereby guides our life journey forward. In addition, when we wholeheartedly accept the responsibility to defend and protect our inalienable sovereign rights from all threats, both foreign and domestic, our perception of the world around us changes dramatically. Now we begin to undeniably recognize that we are joining a stewardship-focused community of mature individuals who believe that these inherent values directly benefit both individuals themselves and the greater community at large.    Bottom line: Empowering all individuals (mentoring) with good fundamental decision-making skills and then further professionally enabling those who are capable of transforming the impact of their attitudes at will, productively saturates all of us with cultural confidence.

2. The VIRTUOUS VALUES PILLAR: Mentoring through shared common experience best defines the necessary path that each of us must take to develop our comprehensive self-improvement habits. This self-disciplined-based mentoring program concentrates on demonstrating effective values and teaching the reaffirming lessons that these Six Pillars of Personal Excellence represent. Each participant is mentored in how to cooperatively harness their emotional and spiritual energy together, thus gaining the full multiplicative advantages that these disciplines create. In addition, the process utilizes a multifaceted educational platform that overcomes individual variation between peers; whereby the program essentially compensates for any difference in inherent talents and learned skills, all of which require nuance-specific Self-Mastery training. When we are willing to deal straight up with our problems by facing circumstances head-on, our physiology opens up, and we become capable of seeing, understanding, and coping with life as it is, and are no longer willing to accept merely hoping for what we want or wishing to get it our way. Bottom line:  By approaching our problem-resolution in this integrity-anchored manner, it encourages other people to be vulnerable in their self-assessed critique as well.  When we are no longer holding back in fear of judgment or reprisals, and willing to shed daylight on existing dead-weight emotional baggage, deciding what could and should be eliminated making the relationship better, becomes clear. each participant specifically learns to read the unique needs of each situation, seeking to discern the full potential range of benefits (risk vs reward) involved, including how to maximize their investment (return on effort) and when to push back against any distractions that could block the focus on their goals.

3. The HABITUAL ROUTINE PILLAR: Becoming the light unto the darkness!  Throughout human history, simple environmental darkness (the lack of light) has been a persistent nemesis to the growth and survival of nearly every civilization so far, strictly due to the negative effects of F.E.A.R. (false evidence appearing real)!  Thankfully, the inspiring impact of a Bright-Shining-Light has historically proven itself to be an effective counter-weight to that darkness, as it steadily reveals any objects of concern in our path by providing a glimpse of the world direct before us. Just like when opening your home's front dr on a pitch-dark night; the abundance of light or warmth from inside the building instantly floods past the threshold as it streams out the door, providing an enlightened view of the world before us. Likewise, the willing, heartfelt support of fellow believers optimistically strengthens us to overcome the negative influence of the needlessly pessimistic populace that surrounds us! Bottom line: We become what we think about and benefit from what we willingly take action on!​ Faith is meant to be a verb, so move forward! Diligently develop control over daily life habits, specifically the ones that generate your access to Authentically, Abundant, Joyfulness every day!


4. The BRAVE VISIONARY PILLAR: We need Retooled Culture Now!  As a free society, we currently find ourselves at a  crossroads, one where we can intentionally choose to restore our current haphazard model to the manipulation-prone selfish environment that it has been politically abused in,  or instead reboot our culture completely elect a new version that stands tall and refreshed as the virtuous role model that the world can look to for faith-filled, freedom-loving, hope and courage! Bear in mind, restoring each person’s sense of individualism and personal self-worth to their own eyes first is paramount; we must mentor them in the act of pulling one's self up by their bootstraps as we are joyfully pushed on, determined to persevere forward. Bottom line: Each of us must find within ourselves the freely-given strength and willingness to live by our virtuous convictions; therefore we must learn to respect ourselves enough to share our talents with, and through others by capitalizing on the inner strength of our liberty personal sacrifice! These channels enable  Lifetime Learning continuing education.

5. The CONTENTED CULTURE PILLAR: Built on the foundational premise that heralds Virtuous Trustworthiness is purposely Earned Daily!  This positive, work-orientated mindset is naturally derived from sharing our own truth-revealing experiences (personal and professional) and it provides the format to utilize a mid-day break where it operates, optimistic battle-cry to rejuvenate our hard-working spirits. By teaching through object lessons that are intentionally gleaned from his own absolution relative to building our own unwavering integrity. Essentially, they form the critical foundational basis of all wisdom-based thought and actions., especially when forged from the emotional heat and pressure that only our determined perseverance in overcoming life’s challenges can generate. In other words, it is the actual process of developing these self-measurement skills that provide the comprehensive, firsthand knowledge and repetitious experience we need to build instinctive muscle memory. We are implicitly expected to evolve into intuitively aware, critical-thinking individuals. Bottom-Line: accommodating these clear mandates requires that we must be able to accurately measure our realized progress and chart our growth.  Productive self-improvement requires utilizing consistent, baseline-leveling tools upon which we can collect comparatively daily progress to determine the needed corrections. Anything that can be measured can be managed (Cundiff).

6. The RENEWED & RESTORED PILLAR: Life's ultimate personal challenge is to grow our inner determination and confidence enough to be emotionally & spiritually stronger than our worst problems. We need to deeply commit to our faithful belief in a higher spiritual purpose and our accountability to the greater good and steadfastly develop our generous personal integrity, as we live our lives in concert with communities of faithful believers. This emotionally infused momentum overflows with the restorative power of pure faith-based belief, creating stewardship-orientated productivity. Authentic people naturally gravitate towards developing positive and productive life skills in the vein of confidence, trustworthiness, reliability,(etc) all of which call us out to be grateful in all things. We who know TRUTH, need to show otherss how to discern TRUTH and then lead them in how to share TRUTH, and its wisdom with our local neighbors, extended family, and influential friends every day to its fullest. Time is of the essence, we must set the example of wholly believing in our Divine rights that guide our existence (the reason for being). We are in essence the venerable, freedom-loving Shining City on the Hill that the entire world looks to for hopefulness!

7.1) MEANINGFUL: Fundamental Daily Culture is a strategic way of thinking; one that leads participants to discover the full range of their potential 'response-ability’, through learning new ways of reacting to both crisis and opportunity. This time-tested mentoring platform recognizes that humans have an inherent need to live their lives with virtuous distinction (meaningfulness), wholly committed to doing what it takes to successfully develop effective daily habits and routines.

Bottom line: The world needs both well-traveled individuals as well as easily identifiable inspirational tools that call out the best of all things (i.e., kind, decent, and virtuous) in our daily lifestyle creating a hope-filled, mental safe haven.


7.2) MEANINGFUL: Self-Improvement Mindset: This multifaceted process teaches participants how to humbly harness their own spiritual energy. This effect is naturally compounded within communities that encourage mature adults to intentionally mentor less-experienced individuals in how to live " accountable" to time-tested, proven-practical disciplines. As we build our unique self-confident character upon this rock-solid foundation, we become highly efficient and streamlined in our thoughts and actions, all the while enjoying a low-stress, joy-filled lifestyle.


7.3) MEANINGFUL Sustainability: Productive living is the result of communities of diverse, freedom-minded people engaged in the sense of shared duty as they accept their responsibilities to each other. When you commit to living your life authentically, you will quickly find the resolve of everyone involved strengthens when the core premise is stewardship-orientated liberty and justice for all.  If we could boil life down to its fundamental essence, we would find that the glue that binds everything together is our hope-filled, optimistic stewardship.


7.4) MEANINGFUL Mindset: Every one of us needs to realize and accept that we must always stand guard at the helm of our own life. The buck stops with us.  We are each accountable to a strategic way of thinking; one that leads participants to discover the full range of their potential 'response-ability’, through learning new ways of reacting to both crisis and opportunity. This time-tested mentoring platform recognizes that humans have an inherent need to live their lives with virtuous distinction (meaningfulness); wholly committed to doing what it takes to

successfully enable personal accountability to proven disciplines.

7.5) MEANINGFUL Creativity:  Life is an ongoing, never-ending process of creative self-management; nearly every single day presents us with fresh opportunities to make new decisions as well as take new actions. We need to consistently remind each other that everyone benefits from knowledge-based, hard-earned insightfulness, for only when we understand the true cost of protecting our inalienable rights and sovereign freedom can we recognize the true value of the investment in each other. Optimistic, emotion-infused momentum is exponentially created when we combine optimistic, efficient expertise with confident, willing effort. This resulting productivity effect quite simply overflows our attitude's situational expectations, which by default (unless channeled otherwise) floods the surrounding community members with the restorative power of focused belief.


7.6) MEANINGFUL Lifestyle: Productive culture needs a stewardship-orientated lifestyle that motivates its participants to work together, developing self-reliance, self-direction, and empowerment. ‘Sustainable Cultural Influence’ is exponentially created when we combine optimistic, efficient expertise with confident, willing effort. This increased productivity results in an ‘emotion-infused-momentum, that simply overflows our traditional attitude's situation expectations, which by default) floods the surrounding community members with the restorative power of authentic, intentional belief that binds us together into effective communities is our united stewardship and grace-filled maturity.


7.7) MEANINGFUL Defensibility Live life quietly until being called into willing action, prepared to serve when needed. Engaging in a satisfying lifestyle involves developing the accountability that empowers all of us to enjoy a more productive, purposeful, and spiritually mature life. Life is an ongoing, never-ending process of individually creative self-management. We all move forward only when we understand the true cost of protecting our inalienable rights and sovereign freedom requires that we recognize our investment in each other; for no matter what you do, who you are, or why you chose your path, at the end of our day we all must face ourselves in the mirror and ask if we maxed out our potential. In the same manner, life-changing self-improvement requires anchoring our progress incrementally while striving to continually strengthen our personal integrity as well as provide the divinely energizing spark of enthusiasm!

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